PoemCatcher (An Invitation To Play)

Paper Poem

I am always intrigued to try new ways to write poems, so when someone at the NWPStudio space mentioned the form of a paper Cootie Catcher/Origami Fortune Teller to write and share a poem (and gave this one by Leila Chatti as an example), I thought: hmmm.

How would one do that?

Well, after some digging around, I found a helpful website dedicated to Cootie Catchers (gotta love the Web in all of its specific weirdness!) that not only had samples of setting up these childhood games in different themes and content, but also, there was a template you could use to edit with text and image and then download and then fold, and then play.

I wrote an 8 line poem (each line below a number in the paper catcher) and began inviting folks to give me a sequence of numbers from 1-8, and I would use the paper PoemCatcher to share out lines of the poem. Ideally, each sequence creates a new poem (although each of the 8 lines remains the same).


If you want to play, just leave me a comment with a selection of numbers, and I will respond with your poem.

Peace (Paper and Poems),

    • Clear skies, blue skies
      Lounging around
      Summer poems
      Tasting the words
      On the tip of the tongue
      Catching rays of sun
      Like writers of young
      The day’s only begun

      Thanks for playing!

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