Using Google’s Embedded AI Art Generator in Slides

I have signed up for the Google Workshop Labs because I am curious about how Google will be weaving its Artificial Intelligence tools into platforms like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and more.

I noticed that the image generator tool appeared in my Slides the other day, so I took a poem from yesterday’s morning writing (via a one-word prompt off Mastodon – “specimen”) and tried it out with the five-line poem. I set “sketch” as style of art and then used lines of the poem as the text for image generation.

The slideshow poem is embedded above or you can view it full screen here.

I’m still not sure what to think of the visual results, but the tool is certainly handy, in one sense, and easily accessible, as it is located right in the Insert Image toolbar.

Google AI Art in Slides

Peace (in pencil),

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