Video By AI: Saxophones, Dogs, Flowers and Faces

A neighbor of mine, after a street discussion about the potential and danger of AI to the world of art, suggested I give Runway AI a try, as it turns text and images into movement videos. I know this kind of technology (word to video) is still in early stages, so I was not all that surprised by the weirdness of the results. And yes, it was odd, all right.

I first started by uploading an image of our dog with a ball toy but it was so strange. Her face got really contorted and turned into another dog altogether (not nearly as cute!).

My next experiment was with text prompts. First, I asked for a saxophone player on a jazz club stage at night. I don’t know what kind of saxophone this is or why he is playing it with his nose, but … I was amused. (see above)

Next, I asked it in text for Wind Over Field of Sunflowers, and it is rather lovely. The flowers have an oversized head, cartoon-y look to them, and they move ever so slightly in the wind in a slow video pan. This one was the best of the bunch.

Finally, I uploaded an image of a face made in sand at the beach, and got … more weirdness. I don’t even know how it got to that ending.

Peace (and play),

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