Google’s New AI Tool: MusicFX

I have long been interested (sometimes, alarmed) by how some of the new machine learning/AI tools might impact the making of music. Mostly, I have not been all that impressed (good thing for human music composers, right?) but I also know that the technology is only getting better. (See some earlier posts)

The results have been awful or weird or un-listenable.

Google just released its new tool called MusicFX in its AI Test Kitchen (so, you know, beta) and, well, it’s a big leap forward to what I was playing around with just a few months ago. You write in text about the kind of music you want, and you can add genre, instrumentation, etc, and the site generates a 30 second track. The few experiments I did sounded decent.

Bad news for human music composers? Maybe.

Peace (and sound),

PS — there’s also a new TextFX in the same platform but I can’t for the life of me figure out its value.

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