DS106: Remix Monday (Week 4)

I’m doing a five-week, every-Monday remix of a piece of art from the earlier days of DS106. (Read more about what I am up to here). This is week four. So one more week to go. It’s unusual for me to stay with something like over many weeks time. I am usually a move-quick and get-it-done-and-published, but I like taking some time here over a period of a few weeks.

For this week’s activity, I took the text from the original image (the text has become my main focus for remix) and pulled it into Lumen5, which is a video-making site. I decided against photographic images, which is usually how Lumen videos are created, and instead, I used one of its templates with designs. I think that makes more sense for what I was looking for in the words flowing from one phrasing to another.

Peace (and Remix),


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