Poem: Erratic Muse

Erratic Muse

This poem originated from an inquiry research article by Wendy T and friends, which they presented at a conference. The inquiry had to do with using GenAI for playful explorations. (see research article – it’s worth your time for the way they reflected on how GenAI might be useful and not for making art).

I popped their article into ChatPDF this morning, and chatted with the GenAI about the piece about human agency, making art and GenAI, and ended with a request for phrases and terms that it could find that I could use in a poem on the theme of the article. (you can do the same, with this link.)

I then took those terms (there were about 20 or so) and whittled them into a poem, adding AI artwork from Adobe Firefly.

Peace (and poems),

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