Collaborating With AI (Iteration Three – Dancing With Voices)

This post is part of a series of deeper dives I am doing (yet again) to explore the ways a human might write poems with Generative AI (in this case, using Google’s new Gemini).

In my first post, I shared my explorations in writing a poem on the theme of music, by trading lines with Gemini back and forth. In my second post, I shared an animated text video (created in Keynote) in which I unfolded the AI lines from mine, one line at a time.

Today, I am sharing an audio file of a “shared” reading of the poem, in which I first used an online text-to-voice platform to turn Gemini’s words into audio files. Each line is its own audio file.

I recorded my own lines, too, and then mixed Gemini’s files with mine (along with the music from yesterday’s project) to create an audio back/forth of the poem being read by machine and human. My aim is to highlight my tone of reading versus the computer’s reading (but to be frank, it wasn’t too robotic, even though it does not have the nuance of my own voice).

Peace (sounds like),

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