Collaborating With AI (Iteration Five – Inviting The Reader In)

Music Makes Light Magnetic Poetry Project

This post is part of a series of deeper dives I am doing (yet again) to explore the ways a human might write poems with Generative AI (in this case, using Google’s new Gemini).

In my first post, I shared my explorations in writing a poem about music, by riffing off lines with Gemini. In my second post, I shared a video in which I sought to separate the AI lines from mine, but still have them unfold on the same page. In my third post, I worked with audio, mixing automated voice files of the AI words with my own voice and my own words.

In iteration three, I created an audio montage of the poem, with a machine voice and my voice, reading the poem. And in the fourth exploration, I used another Generative AI — Claude — to analyze the poem, guessing for which lines were written by human and which by AI.

Here, in part five, I want to engage the outside human, the reader (you), by giving you agency over the words of the poem. (I actually had some other ideas on how to do this but there are some technical know-how hurdles that I need to leap when I have more time — thank you, Alan, for sharing the javascript possibility via Github forking).

You will need a Google Account (sorry) for this to work. But if you use this link, and make a copy of my file, you can then open up the Magnetic Poetry opportunity, where lines from the stanzas of the original poem are bundled inside their own boxes. You can then make a new poem by moving the pieces around.

Consider sharing, if you make something. I’d love to see any iterations of the poem.

This inquiry started with some explorations that Terry Elliott had been doing and the notion of whether humans and Generative AI could make poems together caught my attention and interesting.

Link for making a copy to remix:

Here is my remix:

Music Makes Light Magnetic Poetry Experiment

Peace (an invitation),

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