Living In A Tilted World: A Fake Song From A Fake Band

Wrecked Cottage Song

This morning’s prompt at DS106 Daily Create had to do with using an old Public Domain image of a bunch of men standing on the deck of an old, tilting house, and to imagine them as a band releasing a song. I used Canva to design their “single” track, which I called Living In A Tilted World.

I decided to go a step further, using the Suno AI Music site to create a fake song to go along with the fake band. I tried Suno out a few weeks ago and in that short time, I think it has gotten better with a new version of its algorithms (which is both fascinating and alarming, as a creative person worried about the intrusion of AI in our spaces).

I instructed Suno to produce:

an old sea shanty with the title of “living in a tilted world” about a house tilting into the ocean

Take a listen to the Suno single: Tilting Tides.

Catchy, right?

Peace (in the great fake out),

  1. I like it! Was the singing and music all created using Suno?

    That certainly should cause fear among all who make a living writing songs and creating music.

    Of course, it will create new opportunities for prompt engineers and people who are innovative in using emerging technologies, as you keep demonstrating regularly.

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