Writing The Night Sky: Vela

Constellation Vela

I am the daily host over at VerseLove for today’s prompt, which is called Writing The Night Sky, and invites you to use constellations of stars as an inspiration for a poem of space and wonder.

Come join us.

Here is mine:

SQ2 30°N – 90°S

Your sisters of Heavenly Waters
await your return for an eternity
but solar winds fill your form,
and you remain mystery

Your children are seven,
a brood of starlings telling stories
of the Argo, the cargo of which
has long since been lost into myth

Your sphere of influence
envelopes the empty silence;
the Pencil, the Gum,
the Southern Ring sings inside you

Yet still, you dance and flutter, Vela,
a translucent sail in the night,
reminding us of flight,
a sky compass of remembering

More about Vela: https://www.constellation-guide.com/constellation-list/vela-constellation/

Peace (with deep space),

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