Four Poems: Moth, Silence, Flower, Flood

Moth Flicker

Here are four poems from today and yesterday. The one above is from the Daily Haiku prompts off Mastodon, where today’s prompt was “moth.”

Silence Map

This second is inspired by a poem shared by Terry, along with some explanations and possibilities and the concept of a “silence map” took hold in my mind.

First Bloom of Spring

A third poem is from the morning’s prompt at DS106 Daily Create, about remixing a poem by Thomas Moore, to make it a bit more upbeat and cheerful.

Mill River Flood poem10

Finally, this last one is part of a series of poems I am writing, inspired by some local historical work on the 150th anniversary of the Mill River Flood in Western Massachusetts. I am using the text and stories of dozens of pin markers to craft small poems. (see my poems here)

Peace (in verse),

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