Not Even Remotely Visibly True: More Distorted Graphs

I’ve spent the last week or so making another push to create a series of Distorted Graphs as a way to engage with the politics of the US Presidential Campaign. What I am doing is creating graphs and charts that look sort of real, but which have no data underneath. I am making it all […]

#2NextPrez: More Distorted Graphs and Misinformation

I continue to play around with graphs and data in order to make fun of the political season. This is all loosely connected to the Letters to the Next President 2.0 initiative underway this summer. My aim is to make fun of the politics and also, to show in a visual way what I see […]

Distorted Graphs: A Misinformation Campaign

Maybe this idea will have some legs during the Making Learning Connected MOOC this summer (July! More to come!), but I was culling through some of the cool projects with the Letters to the President and noticed the Infographic Make activity. It occurred to me that making faulty infographics spun out out of “no data […]

Data? Who Needs Data? I’ve Got Graphs!

So, I have been having more fun that I have a right to have by making political-themed distorted graphs that have no data correlation whatsoever. I don’t even think or consider any numbers when making these. Who cares about data when you have cool graphs in a misinformation campaign! Actually, along a serious line of […]