#CLMOOC Book Club: Identity, Representation and the Power of Writing

We’re reading Affinity Online: How Connections and Shared Interest Fuel Learning as a Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration (CLMOOC) effort, and yesterday, I shared various ways you can read along with us, too, even if you don’t have the book. I’m about halfway through the book at this point and I find I am most interested […]

Considering Keys to Identity and Authentication

(Warning: this is a bit of a ramble) In EL30 (E-Learning 3.0), Stephen Downes has us now thinking beyond notions of identity, and into the future of digital authentication. Stephen, our navigator, explores the notion of private and public ‘keys’ as a way to keep our identities and our data private, and firmly in user […]

Messing Around with Identity Graphs

For the E-Lit 3.0 course, Stephen Downes has us pondering identity and graphs, with a focus on Identity Graphs. These are used by marketers to fine-tune who we are, using our data trails, in order to push their products our way. Stephen envisions a different way in the Web3 world, where data will be used […]

Games, Learning, Literacy: Week Two (Digital Identity)

I’m off on a new reading adventure, diving into James Paul Gee’s book — What Video Games Have to Teach Us about Learning and Literacy — with discussion prompts by my friend, Keegan. This reflection is centered on Chapter Three in the book. The topic of digital identity and digital persona and how we project both who we are […]

Slice of Life: On Identity, Geolocations, Games and Collaboration

(This is for Slice of Life, a weekly writing adventure hosted by Two Writing Teachers. But this also dovetails into extending the Making Learning Connected MOOC work into the year beyond summer AND how collaboration is a key element of Digital Writing Month underway this month. Phew. Connections flying all over the place.) I’ve been […]

A Serious Aside on Identity and Representation

I hate to kill the playful mojo of the CLMOOC, which has been streaming in channels in social media spaces around the #untro — or “unintroducing yourself” by mashing up media and glitching images and smashing ideas. But in the midst of all this play, I can’t help but think about the headlines and events of […]

Further Poetic Remix: Identity

Yesterday, I shared out how I remixed Identity by Julio Noboa Polanco and made a new poem from Polanco’s words. Today, I take a step forward into remix, by using my poem and a video version of Identity, weaving them together via Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker. The result is a mix of words and images and sound. Feel […]

Identity Exploration: Not That Kind of Writer

At Walk My World, we are diving into identity in this cycle,which is always a fascinating topic to explore when it comes to who we are in digital spaces (or whom we project ourselves to be) and who we are outside of those digital spaces, and where are the intersecting lines. With my sixth graders, […]

At Middleweb: Identity Crisis of a Sixth Grade Teacher

My most recent Working Draft blog post is up over at Middleweb. I mull over the challenges and benefits of being a sixth grade educator with a middle school model mindset teaching in an elementary school. Just like adolescent kids, we sixth grade teachers often wonder: where do we fit in? Peace (in the sharing), […]

Considering Usernames, Avatars and Identity

  We’re exploring the way that usernames and avatars in online space connect to issues of identity in our Digital Literacies workshop program for high school students. Yesterday, as part of their “writing into the day,” students mulled over and wrote about the usernames they invented for themselves in Gamestar Mechanic. I popped their usernames […]