Email and Principal Penn

Yesterday, I received an after-school email from my principal– joking that he noted a resemblance to Principal Penn. If so, that was certainly not intentional (really!). And as I noted in an earlier post, my own principal is as far from the tech integration spectrum as you can possibly be from Principal Penn (although he will be coming along as I develop him further). Where Principal Penn is clearly so out of the loop that you could not imagine such a thing, my boss carries around his Mac laptop to all meetings and urges teachers forward with technology.

I told my own principal the truth: Principal Penn is yet another side of me — the side that sort of wonders about the validity of technology in the classroom and the character reflects the periodic feeling that I am on the wrong side of the curve sometimes. I hope that side of me in my comics gets balanced out by the positive energy of Boolean and Mr. Teach. (OK, so maybe not Urth so much).

Comic feng shui?


Peace (in the Penn),


Introducing: Principal Penn

First, let me say that this character is NOT inspired by my own principal. Mine is hip with technology and a brave explorer and an avid advocate. But I felt that Mr. Teach is going to need an adult foil as the Boolean Squared comic progresses, and what better foil than a principal who is clueless to what is going on with Boolean, Urth and others.

Peace (in the hallways),

Soul Music for the Cyborg Soul

Today’s comic continues the arc of Cylene the Cyborg getting the flu (due to the ever-present Dancing Chicken video that the boys are obsessed with) and getting healthy again — with a little soul music on the side.

Peace (in the groove),

Even Cyborgs get the Flu

It’s hard not to resist making fun of all of our worries about the H1N1 flu virus (even if it does concern me, given the germs that linger in my classroom).

Peace (and chicken soup),