Celebrating the Connected Educator

The Connected Me
August is “Connected Educator” month, which is another way of saying that folks are trying to make visible the power of networks, collaborations and connections that come about when teachers connect with other teachers. Of course, we do this mostly in our own buildings. But more and more, educators are reaching out to various online communities to find ways to share, explore, learn and borrow ideas from one another. I view the month as a way to showcase those kinds of connections, as partnership to the connections we have with our own colleagues in our own school buildings.

The diagram above is an attempt on my part to map out the various communities that I find myself part of, either as a contributor, creator or just active listener. The diagram is part of a webcomic I am also making, but it felt right to share it out on its own, too, although I still feel as if I am leaving something out …

If you want to learn more about the Connected Educator Month, including various activities, there is a ton of information at the Digital Is website – including a notice about Teachers Teaching Teachers tomorrow night (Wed), when I am joining a bunch of others to talk about this shift in expanding our networking circles with TTT host Paul Allison and others.

Where do you make your connections?

Peace (along the various paths),