Days in a Sentence on a Glog

Over at our National Writing Project iAnthology social networking site, I hosted a writing prompt this past week called Day in a Sentence (which used to be a regular weekly writing activity here and in other spaces). I love how folks boil down their day or their week into a single reflective sentence. And the one sentence format makes it easy to create interesting projects. I took the collection of Days in a Sentences this week and put them into a Glog.

Peace (in the days),

PS — Do you have a sentence? Add it as a comment.

Slice of Life: Posting (Secret, Sticky) Poems


No one knows who is doing it. But it’s me. I am one the sneaking around our hallway, posting sticky notes with poems on them, and creating a sort of graffiti display of poetry in an empty display case. I’ve been watching the kids slow down, take a look and wonder who it is who is putting those small poems in the large case.

It all began when I was doing a Scholastic book order a few weeks ago. I saw this collection called Post This Poem (which, frustratingly, I cannot find online anywhere, so I can’t share a link with you.). I had some bonus points from our recent orders. Why not? It’s a cool little thing. One hundred poems and stanzas of longer poems on colorful post-it notes.
Post a Poem

Each morning this week, I have been adding a few more poems in the morning before school starts. Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Carl Sandburg and many others now sharing the hallways with our students.


Don’t tell anyone. It will be our little poetic secret.

Peace (in the poems),


Reflect, Connect with Day in a Sentence

Yo – you may have heard about teachers in the curve using words as a way to connect, reflect and dissect the fragile moments of their days, so let me say to you today that the space is open wide across the geographic divide and I extend a hand to you to come on inside the Day in a Sentence with a moment, a slice, something sad or something nice, something that gives you pause and when you do, listen for the applause across this great big wide world. I have spoken – Day in a Sentence is open! (listen to the prose poem invite)

How do participate?

  • Reflect on a moment or a day or the whole week
  • Boil that moment down to a single sentence
  • Share it out as a comment on this blog post
  • I will gather ’em up and release over the weekend

Peace (in the hip-hop prose poem),





A Slow Week for Days in a Sentence

Some weeks are like that. Slow. I had just two responses to this week’s Days in a Sentence, and I appreciate both Cindy (here at the blog) and Brian (over at Google+) for sharing their reflective thoughts.

Cindy writes: Heads bent slightly, pages turning faster, eyes wide open – a groan of frustration when the timer goes – these flashes of my favorite moments this week are only rivaled by the chorus of voices asking my favorite question: “Can you help me find something to read next?” I love that picture of her students, so intent on reading that nothing else matters … including what happens next, and then the turn to the teacher, asking for some guidance on a book. Wonderful.


And Brian‘s sentence is just as wonderful, as he writes of himself as the writer. Brian: “I picked up the pen and a new notebook and wrote before school, during school, after school at my daughter’s soccer practice, in bed before sleep and then again in the morning before school and it has been one of the best weeks in a long time.”

And I will add a second sentence to the mix this week, too. We just finished up our first full five-day week last week and I do a fluency activity with read-aloud fractured fairy tale plays. “The sounds of chatter and laughter filled the room left empty by summer, signalling a year ahead of creative ventures here in our shared space in which I hope they will emerge as confident writers and readers.

Thanks again to Cindy and Brian. I hope you will join us, too, next time for Day in a Sentence.

Peace (in the sharing),


Inviting You into Days in a Sentence

Hello out thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I’d like to invite you to join our reflective Days in a Sentence collaboration. It’s just another quick way to take a deep breath, reflect in writing and then connect with others of us who also need a moment to think bigger, wider, deeper about what is going on in the days of our lives (random soap opera reference).

Here’s how it works:

  • Think about a moment in your, a single day or even the entire week
  • Boil it down to a single reflective sentence
  • Use the comment feature on this blog post to share your writing
  • Sometime over the weekend, I will gather the Days and publish them together

It’s easy and it’s open to anyone. Come write with us!

Here is mine:

I gave the most enthusiastic cheer of the week as our technology dude told me that while I was meeting with parents in our Curriculum Night, he had finally finished replacing all of the keyboards on our old PC cart, which means I can finally do our beginning-of-the-year digital story project.

I can’t wait to read your reflective sentence.

Peace (in the moment),


Releasing Reflective Days in a Haiku

I put out a call last week for a version of Day in a Sentence called Day in a Haiku. That little twist produced some interesting poems.

Gail P. captured the essence of summer’s ending.

Summer’s days are few
but it’s heat still lingers on.
Come cool autumn breeze.


Amanda notes how routines give a rhythm to things, and at the start of the school year, routines are key.

Grateful for routine
and savoring each moment
with new-found focus.


I love this one by Joe. It is just so poetic and thoughtful. It has a calm essence to it, doesn’t it?

The quiet stillness
of anxious first impressions
is far too short lived


I was pleasantly surprised to find not one, but two gems from Linda. Both are about nature. Close your eyes and see the moments.

Summer memories
linger in the warm air
as I welcome today

Strong cascades of rain
cover the saturated ground
with wonder and fear


And Britton‘s poem is like a camera. I can see the empty nests.

September highway.
Swallows gone, nests abandoned.
Half a moon rises

I had shared a haiku when I put out the call for reflections. But time has passed and I have another one to share now that I have been observing my new students.

Eager faces watch
Wait, with pens poised, writing lives
in fresh, new notebooks

Thanks to my writing friends and I hope you can join us when we next do Days in a Sentence. If you have a haiku you’d like to share, just add it into the comment of this post. The more, the merrier. Consider yourself invited.

Peace (in the reflections),


Calling for Days in a Haiku

I had promised that I would be more regular with Day in a Sentence, but I haven’t. I guess vacation and then the start of summer got in the way. But I want to invite you into this week’s version of Day in a Sentence by asking you to consider writing a Day in a Haiku.

How does that work, you ask?

  • Reflect on a day in your week or your week as a whole
  • Boil down the essence of it into a haiku (formal structure or not … I don’t mind)
  • Share it as a comment to this post
  • I will gather up as many haikus as have been shared and post them all together over the weekend
  • Be reflective and creative

I hope you can join us.

Here is mine:

Thoughts swimming inside:
The first days, I put faces
and names together

Peace (in the reflective sharing),



A small supply of Days in a Sentence

Maybe it was a busy week, or maybe the metaphor theme threw people off, but we had only three Days in a Sentence contributed this week. Wait. “Only” is the wrong way to phrase that. I am always happy to get contributors. So, to rephrase, I found three wonderful Days in a Sentence in the bin this week. Thanks to Bonnie, Rita and Tracy.

Here they are, using metaphor for their sentences:

  • I’m enjoying this morning, sitting on my front porch feeling the breeze that is a wave of cool water, refreshing after the oven the summer has been so far. — Tracy
  • Returning from the Farmer’s Market with Jersey Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, and Green Vegetables to create a colorful countertop collage of summer’s healthy invitational. – Rita
  • Give me a 7-year-old, a bag of Half-Naked popcorn and we are walking with Harry in his Deathly Hollows. Cheering right to the end! – Bonnie

See you later this week for another call for reflective words!

Peace (in the sharing),


Inviting You into Day in a (Metaphorical) Sentence

Got any metaphors lying around? Put them to good use with this week’s Day in a Sentence, as I ask you to boil down your week or a day in your week into a single sentence that is built around a metaphor. Then, use the comment link on this post to share your sentence. I will be compiling them all into a single post, or some format, and sharing out early next week. It’s a great way to be reflective and to be part of a writing community.

Come join Day in a Metaphor.

Here is mine:

After months of having no name at all, my rock and roll band suddenly became a mysterious figure under the guise of our new moniker, Duke Rushmore.

I hope you can join us, too.

Peace (is a huge rainbow),