What Queries Guide You?

This week, Day in a Sentence became Day in a Question. I’ll just let the questions speak for themselves this week. (What? No answers?)

  • What impact did I make on the lives of the twenty-one WCCA seniors who graduated Friday night? — Cynthia
  • When much of what we have taken as truths are being questioned, how do we prepare our students for an uncertain future? — Mary F.
  • Through what hoops will the state make us jump in order to make sure we haven’t left any children behind? — Chris
  • Why does it pour when it rains? — Eric
  • Do I avoid a stressful situation I seem to have extricated myself from (a football team worthy of a box-office dramedy screenplay), or jump back in with the promises from them that it will get better? — sara
  • Is the craziness surrounding Portfolios really worth the product? — April
  • Who helped you in your learning this week? Tracy
  • What are the elements of a class’ atmosphere that the students would say are most important for a feeling of safety-in-learning, collaboration, creativity, comfort, joy, and risk-taking in learning?Connie
  • What is the sound of 100,000 teachers not clapping? — David
  • If I stop engaging with the Luddites, then how can I help my organization move forward? Kathryn
  • At this time of the year I always wonder if being in a child centered project based classroom this year will really prepare my kids for the lecture based teacher centered classrooms of high school?Paul
  • How do you put aside a “blah” week and start anew? –– Me.

And two sketchcasts from Jo and Ken:

Peace (in collaboration),

Day in a Question?

Welcome to this week’s Day in a Sentence — which is turned on its head to become Day in a Question.
I’m using Sketchcast this week for my introduction. Sketchcast was around for a while, then offline, and now (thanks to a reminder from Larry), it seems to be back. The site allows you to create a virtual whiteboard video of sorts. (Although it does seem to be quirky still, as an earlier version with audio failed to play. So, this one is a “silent movie.”)
Anyway, your job is to boil down your week into a single question (an essential question, if you will), add it as a comment to this blog post and I will gather and publish all of our reflective queries over the weekend.

Peace (in sketches),

Day in a Sentence with Ken

Ken (aka, Blogger in Middle Earth) is taking the reins of Day in a Sentence this week, so please considering heading across the world to Ken’s blog and adding your thoughts. His theme this week is Day in a Comic, which could means a funny reflective sentence or, literally, a Day in a Comic.

So, of course, I went the comic strip route, using ToonDoo for mine.

\My Day in a Sentence\

Peace (in sharing),

Day in a Sentence and all that


Here are this week’s Days in a Sentence:

I guess I will start with myself. I am off in Denver this weekend with another retreat with the National Writing Project. But at home, we have a new family member (not two-legged). So:

I’m in Denver, thinking about the web, while back home, a Duke the dog has joined our household, no doubt thinking about food.

Art is already seeing something down the road … is it the light? Uh oh.

As the year begins to draw to a close, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lynn was hoping to lighten the mood a bit — seriousness followed by fun.

Test prep has cooked us all – it’s time for some Friday games!

wait a sec … is sara playing football? sara?

is it bad that my own football coaches have asked me to buy armpads to lessen the panopoly of bruises i’ve collected?

Summer poked its head into New England last week … hot hot hot …. and Mary saw its effects on her students.

This week’s weather has been a rollercoaster ride of 900 one day and 600 the next, which sapped the energy of our most active students.

Spring’s push forward brought some reflective moments for Eric. Our thoughts are with you. Keep the memories of good times with you, friend.

Despite the trees joining the spring revolution with their blooming leaf flowers, this is a sad week for me as I celebrate my no longer here mom’s birthday.

Mary Lee uses a good metaphor to catch the season and its pace.

May approaches ever so slowly (snail style)…then WHOOSHES past (gazelle style) before we can process the fact that it is finally here!

It sounds like Matt is sitting in an intriguing position.

I’ve gone from no options to too many.

Bonnie has returned from her annual sojourn to Israel and quickly got back into the teaching.

I’m back from Israel, embracing jet lag and deal with my no service Iphone before I hit the road to Dover Middle School for lots of 6th grader digital stories to push to the finish line. I’m exhausted just writing into my day, but it’s good to be home, no matter what!

Larry sounds a bit like me. And you?

State testing — ugh!

Barb, like so many of us, is looking ahead and balancing the calendar with tasks and finding one comes up a bit short.

Wondering how everything is supposed to fit before the end of the school year, trying to compact and compile, dealing with antsy students taking the Indiana achievement testing again for the third time this year, I finally got my PGP for teacher evaluation summarized last week and I am beginning to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”. Oh, beautiful spring!

Gail P. is making the adjustment back. Somewhat.

Mind and body are lagging after a wonderful week in the American Southwest.

Hmmm. Now, Paul has an interesting question. Very interesting. (I say, give her her space and withdraw as a follower, but that’s just me)

Wondering if I should stop following my fall student teacher on twitter when she starts to give her a place to ask questions and complain about me without having to worry about my reaction?

April conjures up Rod Serling (cue: theme song and odd plot twists)

Not one single meeting after school hours this week; have I entered the Twilight Zone?

Anne M. had a special moment — a special connection with her son recently.

As I teach in a small prep to year 12 school, I have taught all of my children, but how special it has been to actually teach with my son on the same staff for four months whilst he was home in Australia. (Sadly he has just flown back to London)

Ken and I have been writing poems all of April over at Bud the Teacher’s blog. So, I can feel for him with his sentence:

It’s been a long week finishing April;
While I’m not averse to verse I’m versed out.

And Cynthia brings a smile to my face (as usual) with her devious plans for sweet revenge.

The seniors skipped school Friday, but do I have a surprise for them when they return to English class Monday: we will be together two periods in a row because I’ve agreed to help out a teacher who’s wife is having surgery and we will finish Macbeth before the fifth hour bell rings.

Peace (in your days, too),

PS — Ken will be the host for Day in a Sentence this coming week.

Day in Sentence, traditional-style

Please consider joining us with Day in a Sentence this week. Here is how it works:

  • Reflect on a single day or your entire week;
  • Boil that reflection down into a single sentence;
  • Use the comment on this blog post to submit your sentence;
  • I moderate all of the submissions and collect them and publish them together sometime this weekend (or Monday, as I am out of town this week)
  • Be part of the group! Everyone is welcome!

Peace (in days),


Your day in 140 characters or less

This week, Day in a Sentence becomes all a-twitter as Jo takes over a guest host with the theme of Day in a Twitter. This means that your sentence is going to be limited to just 140 characters or less. If you don’t Twitter or don’t even want to think in terms of Twitter, that’s OK, too — just write a short, concise Day in a Sentence and head on over to Jo’s Blog — Mrs. Hawe — and add your reflection to the mix.

And if you are someone who keeps hearing about Twitter but you’re not quite sure what it is, here is a neat video explanation:

See you over at Jo’s place!

Peace (in sharing in short bursts),
PS — you can find me on twitter, too, at http://twitter.com/dogtrax

A poetic vacation for Day in a Sentence

I am off to California this weekend for a technology retreat with the National Writing Project, and I have a nutty few days ahead (we play Quidditch tomorrow!) so I am giving Day in a Sentence a little poetic vacation. Why poetic? Because I am hoping some of you may venture over to Bud the Teacher’s site, where he has been posting interesting photographs every day to inspire poems from his readers.

I urge you to take a look and add your own poem this week in lieu of Day in a Sentence. Sure, make your poem your day in a sentence if that makes sense for you. Write a poem. I know you can do it.


Peace (in poems),

Day turns into Night in a Sentence

This week, Tina takes over the reins of Day in a Sentence as guest host for the first time. Her twist on the ‘ol chestnut? (We’ve been doing idioms in the classroom, so they are coming through in my writing these days) She wants you to write a reflective sentence about what happens after you lock up the classroom for the day and head off into the night. (Keep it clean, folks!)

Please join us over at T-Dawg’s Blog for this week’s Night in a Sentence.


Your Alliteration Days

The challenge this week for Day in a Sentence was to use alliteration. These were fun to read out loud.

  • To my motherly dismay my most mini of males is markedly manifested with the measles.Illya
  • Perhaps pathetic peripheral printer problems present, put possible pertinent proposed preparation plans past patching, partly precluding previously posted possible printer problems.Ken, who notes: “This was presented recently as a report to our coordinator who requested suggestions for the problems incurred when using the office printer.”
  • ‘eavily engaged in entertaining eerie aliens, as earthlings eager to exist for ever. Marg, who notes;: “Translation – we have joined the ms1001tales.2009.wikispaces.com global writing project, where we have to write a story which entertains the alien king, or we all die. Eek! We are having enormous fun. 🙂
  • The tributary trickles tentatively through the townScibulous
  • Wearily writing winded words which wither within wastebaskets.Val
  • Tortuously training teenagers through timing, trial, tribulation and number twos to take THE TEST.Lori
  • Working with the worst attitudes warrants wistfulness, wisecracks, and a wandering mind after school.Brandi
  • Even though the sun has not yet welcomed us, as we wind our way around Washington, meeting with reps to win their support for the National Writing Project, there’s a blast of fresh air that seems to have washed over the city, the country and the world.Bonnie
  • I am perfectly puzzled and perplexed how I didn’t include two perfectly punctual Slicers in my giveaway … please forgive me!Stacey


Peace (in poetic purposes),

Day in Alliteration

So, I am adding another twist to Day in a Sentence with Day in Alliteration. Your task: Reflect (of course) and thenwrite a Day in a Sentence in the comment section of this post using some sort of alliteration (a series of words with the same starting sound).

Here is mine:

I’m trying to quell the competitive craziness of Quidditch with my kids even as we keep on track with our class curriculum.

What about you?

Peace (in posts),

PS — Want to know about our game of Quidditch? Here is a video documentary of our game: