Living In A Tilted World: A Fake Song From A Fake Band

Wrecked Cottage Song

This morning’s prompt at DS106 Daily Create had to do with using an old Public Domain image of a bunch of men standing on the deck of an old, tilting house, and to imagine them as a band releasing a song. I used Canva to design their “single” track, which I called Living In A Tilted World.

I decided to go a step further, using the Suno AI Music site to create a fake song to go along with the fake band. I tried Suno out a few weeks ago and in that short time, I think it has gotten better with a new version of its algorithms (which is both fascinating and alarming, as a creative person worried about the intrusion of AI in our spaces).

I instructed Suno to produce:

an old sea shanty with the title of “living in a tilted world” about a house tilting into the ocean

Take a listen to the Suno single: Tilting Tides.

Catchy, right?

Peace (in the great fake out),

DS106 Daily Create: Coded Art With John Coltrane


This morning’s DS106 Daily Create prompt (one I guess I originally submitted way back when?) was to find the background code of a website and use it for art. I perused behind the scenes of the John Coltrane website for mine. I grabbed a screenshot, and then used art filters, and ended with some animation on top.

Peace (and sound),

Chordiflora Harmoniosa

Today’s DS106 Daily Create prompt was to “be a plant” and so I thought, let me invent a musical plant that doesn’t exist. I used ChatGPT to help me think of some musical scientific names and then Adobe Firefly to create an image of a plant with a musical theme, and then Soundtrap to compose a short musical piece.

Peace (as you wander near me),

World Poetry Day: Finding A Poem

World Poetry Day: Poems From Edge of Extinction

For World Poetry Day, the daily prompt at DS106 Daily Create was to explore poetry of endangered languages. I went black-out with mine, using a collection and some text from the editor.

A simple idea:
collect poems
in endangered languages

Help document
how poetry

The conversations
and encounters
with poets from all
over the world

the edge of

The urgency
invention and
sheer range of poetry
on every continent

Peace (and poems),

Daily Create: Coloring

Coloring: In An Otherwise Odd World

The prompt for this morning’s Daily Create via DS106 was to use Scrap-Coloring to color an image or file. I’ve used the site before and it’s easy to get lost in it, particularly if the image has a lot of little details. I chose the cover design of my album of sound sketches from last year. (take a listen).

Peace (and sound),

Make A Stamp

Daily Create (fake) Stamp

Today’s DS106 Daily Create by Sarah is to make a stamp for the Daily Create. I found an online tool to do that, and used an image of art supplies and the Daily Create lettering.

The Make A Stamp activity reminded me of a song some of us collaborated on for the CLMOOC Postcard Project some years back.

Peace (and postage),

Daily Create: Gratitude Zine

Gratitude Zine

Today’s prompt for the DS106 Daily Create, by Sarah, is to use Austin Kleon’s idea for making a Gratitude Zine through art. I created a front page of a zine, and posted it via Mastodon, where I share my Daily Create responses every morning, but I am grateful, too, if you have arrived here at this blog for a few moments (via RSS, most likely) at this post. Thank you!

Peace (and props to you),