Dog Meme (Making Rayna Famous)

Rayna Meme Daily Create

An image that my son took of our younger dog, Rayna, cracked us up so much that I decided to submit for a DS106 Daily Create as an invitation to use her as a meme. Let’s just say, she’s not much of a watchdog and is often snoozing when we come into the house.

Wanna make a meme with us? Go to the Daily Create assignment. Grab her image off my Flickr. I used Meme Generator (but did not submit it into the system — I made the meme and then grabbed a screenshot — so maybe not really a true social meme, in the end, but ….). Share out.

Peace (and Pups),

AI Comic: The Last Bot Standing

The Last Bot Standing

In many AI circles these days, there are discussions about the possibility that AI might advance to the point where its decisions might impact humanity in the most terrible ways — as in, complete destruction of society. It stems from our inability to really know how AI is making its decisions, and that unknown factor is cause for concern. That scenario of Ai-induced collapse of society seems far-fetched to me, but that it is even on the radar screen of AI engineers and developers is a bit worrisome, no?

Today’s Daily Create was to make a comic with Make Beliefs comic site (it was a prompt I had submitted some time ago and is being re-used, so that was fun to run into an old prompt) so, given our work in ETMOOC2, it made sense to poke fun at the idea of a sentient AI becoming the “last bot standing.” (AI is not sentient, and I don’t expect it ever be, by the way).

Peace (and Bots),

River Ice: Six Word Story

The DS106 Daily Create prompt today was to create a multi-media Six Word Story, so I used a childhood memory of a time on some river ice as the narrative of mine.

Peace (cracked by holding),

My 2500+ Daily Creates and Counting (but Celebrating 4000)


Yesterday, the DS106 Daily Create celebrated its 4,000th daily invitation to make, remix, create. I started with my first response way back on Sept. 9, 2015, and at some point, doing the Daily Create became part of my daily morning routine (along with: walking the dogs, sipping on coffee, and writing a poem or two).

On the very first day I started (thanks to a recommendation from a CLMOOC friend, Karen F.), Stephen Colbert had just taken the helm of the CBS Late Show as new host and Queen Elizabeth had just become the longest-ruling monarch of Britain. Yeah, it was a while back.

My first Daily Create wasn’t anything special, really, and was little more than a reply:

But once I got rolling, I got rolling, and have added audio, video, memes, comics, poems, games and other responses along the way. You can read the history of the DS106 Daily Create here and then join in yourself today, tomorrow, or whenever the inspiration takes hold.

Hats off to Alan Levine, who holds it all together, and to others along the way who have helped coordinate the daily scheduling (I know of Sarah and Paul, but I suspect many others have stepped up from time to time). I know there were collaborators along with Alan — like Jim G. and Marcia B. — who got DS106 off the ground at the university level as a experiment in MOOCs. Others have picked up the DS106 baton over the years to create college courses with open components on various themes, and/or fully online courses around media production that anyone in the open can join in.

The Daily Create is/was always one component of the larger DS106 ecosystem but for me, even if I took part in DS106 courses (like Headless DS106 or the Wild West 106), I still found myself centered the daily invitations to make things. We even worked to replicate the Daily Create into the Daily Connect for various projects, first through Connected Courses and then through CLMOOC and Write Out.

Alan is now migrating the Daily Create over to Mastodon, which gives me hope that others will find the daily inspiration and build a new audience there.


Alan often notes that while other educational MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have come and gone, and faded away, the DS106 ecosystem, with the Daily Create at its heart, continues onward through crowd collaboration and artistic flexibility. Participants are encouraged to submit prompts, which I have done more than 170 times.

Is it massive? Maybe not. Is it meaningful? You bet it is.

Peace (making it happen with art),

Write Out Collaborative Poems

A Daily Create for DS106 and for Write Out the other day invited people to add a “small poem” to a collaborative slideshow, with a nature theme. This video gathers them together.

Peace (and poems),