Art-Full Remix

Today’s Daily Create via DS106 had us using an online art generator (Type A Painting) that turns letters and words into neat art blocks. I wrote about remix (as did Sarah) and then decided to remix my original, using art filters and video fades.

Peace (and Play),

A Little Bit Loopy Space

This began as a DS106 Daily Create, inspired by a comic sketch from my friend Tyler Weaver, which led to a gif by Alan, which led to a Gif Loop video by John, which led to me making a loop soundtrack and layering it in, and then adding a dancing Jim to the end.

Typical DS106 remix … ’nuff said.

Peace (and fun),

Poem: This Machine Eats Writers

It Eats Writers

This morning’s Daily Create prompt for DS106 connects back to Ethical ELA’s prompt some time back for a Sijo poem. I still have the inquiry around Generative AI in my mind, apparently.

This machine
eats all our words
and spits them out

neither asks
our approval
or permission

It only
edges us writers
into extinction

Peace (and writing),

Dog Meme (Making Rayna Famous)

Rayna Meme Daily Create

An image that my son took of our younger dog, Rayna, cracked us up so much that I decided to submit for a DS106 Daily Create as an invitation to use her as a meme. Let’s just say, she’s not much of a watchdog and is often snoozing when we come into the house.

Wanna make a meme with us? Go to the Daily Create assignment. Grab her image off my Flickr. I used Meme Generator (but did not submit it into the system — I made the meme and then grabbed a screenshot — so maybe not really a true social meme, in the end, but ….). Share out.

Peace (and Pups),

AI Comic: The Last Bot Standing

The Last Bot Standing

In many AI circles these days, there are discussions about the possibility that AI might advance to the point where its decisions might impact humanity in the most terrible ways — as in, complete destruction of society. It stems from our inability to really know how AI is making its decisions, and that unknown factor is cause for concern. That scenario of Ai-induced collapse of society seems far-fetched to me, but that it is even on the radar screen of AI engineers and developers is a bit worrisome, no?

Today’s Daily Create was to make a comic with Make Beliefs comic site (it was a prompt I had submitted some time ago and is being re-used, so that was fun to run into an old prompt) so, given our work in ETMOOC2, it made sense to poke fun at the idea of a sentient AI becoming the “last bot standing.” (AI is not sentient, and I don’t expect it ever be, by the way).

Peace (and Bots),