Having Some Fun with Duke Rushmore

The other day, the drummer in our band — Duke Rushmore — posted this picture at our website.

the colonel

We all had a good laugh at those huge drum sticks. And then I remembered this tiny toy saxophone that I had in our basement, so I dug it up and added this image to our website.

Kevin Little Sax

If you are in Western Massachusetts this coming weekend, our band is playing at the Three County Fair on Saturday afternoon. (We either start at 2 or 2:30 p.m.). Come say hello and maybe dance your shoes off before heading off to see the racing pigs, the demolition derby or scarfing down a pirogi.


Three County Fair Flyer

Peace (in the music),


Some Duke Rushmore For Your Ears

Duke Rushmore
A member of our band — Duke Rushmore — pulled together a little mixtape (wrong word, right?) from our recent gig. You can take a listen at our new Soundcloud site, and if you are up for it, please come visit our Facebook page and add us as a “like.” We’re trying to get our way to 100 people liking us. Hopefully, the music will help!


Peace (in the sounds),


More Duke Rushmore Rock and Roll Music

A bandmate had someone do some filming at a recent show that my band, Duke Rushmore, put on. (That’s me, on the saxophone and hat). The woman singer from my last band came to join us on stage, with her wonderful voice.

First is a medley of Do You Love Me/I Feel Good.

Second is a rocking version of Ohio.

Peace (in the music),


We Were ‘Picking up the Pieces’

Here is a short clip of my band last night as we tried out the very difficult song (for me, anyway, as the sax player) of Pick up the Pieces by the Average White Band:


Peace (in the funk),


What the Duke Rushmore Band is Up To: The Cover Song Playlist

My band —Duke Rushmore — has been learning a bunch of new songs, working some into our set list (we have a gig next Friday), and it’s fun but difficult to learn new material. Just ask any student, right? Not all of these songs will make it to the final round of being part of our material, but we cast a wide net.

You can check out some of the songs that we are learning with this playlist.

Peace (in the music),

Slice of Life: Rocking the House with the Band

Our first gig was a success! My band, Duke Rushmore, had out first outing last night at a brewery in a nearby town, and about 175 people came out to, eh, “sample” fresh beer by the Paper City Brewing Company and listen to some music. We were a bit nervous, given that this would be our first time before a live bar audience (we did play briefly last year at a benefit concert at my school) on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

But it was fine. No, it was great. We were mostly pretty tight, and the crowd got into it. We were handing out Duke Rushmore tambourines and shakers, and while the place is not designed for dancing, a few folks did cut the rug for a few songs. Most just held their cups and swayed to the music, and we got a lot of a good feedback from people.

I tried to set up my Flip camera, but I could not get it in a good angle. I’m not sure if we can salvage much of the video footage, but one of the bar dudes jumped up on some kegs and filmed a few songs for us, and then loaded it up to YouTube. The first song is my original song, which is really called “Champagne, Whiskey and the Rhythm and Blues Tonight” but we changed it to “Irish Whiskey.” The problem was that we kept forgetting to switch the words, so we had this funny exchange (you can’t see it on the video) between us singers, looking at each other, like, It’s Irish Whiskey, you fool, and then we were both cracking up.

The second song is our encore, which we hadn’t practiced all that much. The singer thought he would forget the words but they came back to him at the right moment.

Peace (in the rock and the roll),

PS — that’s me on the saxophone, by the way.


Slice of Life: A Bit of Woodsheddin’ with the Band

My rock and roll band — Duke Rushmore — has its first official “gig” coming up on Friday at a local brewpup. It’s a short gig, only two hours long, and so we are working to tighten up our two sets of music. We want to make a good impression, and we have invited the owner of another establishment to come watch us play, in hopes he will hire us, too.

Yesterday afternoon, we spent about three hours working on the songs. I have to say, I think we are as tight as we have ever been. The sets flow nicely, although we continue to make some adjustments, and there is nothing like a performance in front of a live audience to help a band find some focus.

Duke Rushmore Logo

I am the saxophone player, and a back-up singer, and we are playing one of my songs to end the night. We’re most a cover band right now, but I keep pushing for more original material. For now, we are just establishing ourselves as a rock and roll, danceable band, and I think we fit that bill pretty nicely.

Our gig is the night before St. Patrick’s Day in Holyoke, which has a huge concentration of Irish and pseudo-Irish people, and one of the largest St. Paddy Day Parades in New England. We suspect the brew pub might be packed by people flocking home for the parade (and needing a respite from being home with their family), and we have included a few mandolin songs and even renamed our original song from “Champagne, Whiskey and the Rhythm and Blues Tonight” to “Irish Whiskey and the Rhythm and Blues Tonight.” Have you ever seen that Blues Brothers scene where the band goes into a country bar and tries to play the blues? Yeah, we don’t want that to happen to us.


We have one more practice tomorrow night, and then we are rarin’ to go!

Peace (in the rock and in the roll),

PS — if you are in Holyoke, Massachusetts, on Friday night, come on down to the Paper City Brewery from 6-8 p.m. The admission at the door gets you free beer and some rock and roll. And be kind to the band!


Photo Opp: The Duke Rushmore Band

My rock and roll band — Duke Rushmore — is now gearing up to get gigs, and we have a few possibilities. But they want a photo. So, we took a few of the other night. We don’t look too bad! (That’s me, in the back, with the hat on and the saxophone in hand).
Duke Rushmore 2
Here is a video from our live performance last year. We’ve gotten a lot tighter since then.

Peace (in the rock and the roll),