CLMOOC: A Year of Hope Awaits Us All

CLMOOC (Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaborative) has remained connected and strong over the years, and come together for any number of projects. As the terrible 2020 rolls to a close, the CLMOOC friends — led by Wendy — took on the idea of creating a calendar for 2021 that expressed HOPE.

After weeks of gathering art and music and poems, CLMOOC has put out the 2021 calendar and you can grab one for free from the CLMOOC site. Whether it’s something you keep handy, or look at when you need some light, or just a reminder of how people can come together to create something beautiful … it’s a gift from all of us to all of you.

See the CLMOOC 2021 Calendar of Hope (and download, too)

Peace (with heart, mind and spirit),

Conversations Continue: The Power of Crowd Annotations

connect“connect” by katypang is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

In January 2019, some of us in the CLMOOC Community decided to read the book Affinity Online by Mimi Ito and company to better understand how young people were engaging with each other and with media in online settings.

We had lots of reading and conversations, and one of the places where we gathered was in NowComment, to annotate Chapter 5 together (putting the ideas of the book into practice through shared learning in a shared space). The chapter annotation was spearheaded by Terry Elliott.

Nearly two years later, I am still getting email updates, inviting me back into new conversations in NowComment that are being built on the original ones. While I suspect these new annotators are probably in some graduate level class, I find it encouraging how annotations can live on and beyond (Hypothesis does the same thing — sending an email note when someone has commented on an annotation you have left). More than two dozen people have engaged in the chapter.

Now I am going back in, responding to new comments and perhaps engaging the conversation that started two years ago with my CLMOOC friends in new directions with others.

Come join in the conversation

Peace (sharing it),