At MiddleWeb: Using Game Design to Reach Reluctant Writers, and Reviewing Close Reading

Some of you know that I also blog over at MiddleWeb and my most recent post was an offshoot of a vignette I shared at NCTE during NCTE President Sandy Hayes’s speech. The post has to do with reaching a reluctant boy writer with our game design unit, and how he was so inspired, he began writing a novel.

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View the post: Reluctant Writers and Game Design

The second is a book review of Falling in Love with Close Reading, which I highly recommend.

falling in love with close reading hodgson

Read my review

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At MiddleWeb: Teaching Visual Literacy and Considering the Heart of Nonfiction

I am writing fairly regularly over at MiddleWeb these days and I like to point folks to what I have been up to lately.

If you have time, check out the review I did for the new book, Finding the Heart of Non-Fiction by Georgia Heard. I really enjoyed this book, on a few levels (including the production values of the book itself).


finding the heart of NF kevin

And I just added a new blog post about teaching the reading and writing of diagrams with my sixth graders. Check out how I went about this teaching of visual literacy and what they were learning, and why.

Student Diagrams

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Nice to Get Recognized (even in a newsletter)

Working Draft Blog Mention

A post I wrote about journal writing with students, and teachers as writers, for my blog over at Middleweb got a nice mention in the electronic newsletter of the ASCD (I tried to look up what ASCD stands for — I know it is an association of superintendents and curriculum coordinators and such because my wife is an administrator and we get their materials in the mail — and this is what their website says ASCD stands for “formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development” — now it is just called ASCD.)

Maybe if enough school administrators read the post, they will better understand the power of writing in a natural setting, and not for test taking purposes. Hopeful? You bet.

You can read my piece here at Working Draft at Middleweb, and feel free to add comments to the blog post. Maybe your administrator will read it.

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