Walking the Web: Tim Berners-Lee

While I am sure the boys in my Walking the Web comic are excited to meet folks who were key to development of the World Wide Web, you have to imagine that they might get bored every now and then. This is not a knock against Tim Berners-Lee or anything, but I wanted to have one of the characters dream of their favorite snack, Ding Dongs.
Walking the Web Comic 7

Walking the Web Comic 8

Peace (in the snacks),

Walking the Web: Jobs and Woz

In this next installment of my new webcomic, Walking the Web, the boys meet up with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak as they develop the hypercard for the first Macs, which opened the door to advanced programming and visual information possibilities. Of course, they stole the visual interface ideas from IBM ….
Walking the Web Comic 4

Walking the Web Comic 5

Walking the Web Comic 6
Peace (in the apple),

Walking the Web Webcomic: Ted Nelson and Hypertext

Before there was the World Wide Web, and before the Internet infrastructure was in place, there were the Big Thinkers who imagined possibilities that were not yet reality. Ted Nelson was one of those. He developed the idea of hypertext, which has become one of the main underpinnings of the graphic interface of the Web. Here, my two characters — Ralph and Carl — meet up with Ted Nelson.
Walking the Web Comic 2

Walking the Web Comic 3


Peace (in the frames),


Webcomic: Walking the Web (intro)

Yesterday, I shared out a resource that creates a timeline of the development of the World Wide Web. I was so intrigued that I got inspired to create another webcomic series called Walking the Web, in which two characters — Ralph and Carl — invent a machine (The Wayback Machine, which is a website in real life that does allow you to view websites from long ago) to go back to various points in the development of the Web, and meet some folks. I’m hoping to have some fun with recent history. I hope you enjoy it, too. It will be a short-run series, although I can’t quite say how long that will be.

And now: Walking the Web
Walking the Web comic 1

Walking the Web Comic 1a

Peace (in the frame),