Blogging at MiddleWeb


I’ve been writing book reviews for the wonderful MiddleWeb site for about a year now (maybe more?) and I have enjoyed the focus of the middle school grades at the site, although much of the knowledge shared there is applicable above and below those middle school years, too. I had been asked by John Norton, of MiddleWeb, to contribute to their growing blogging space as an ELA teacher from sixth grade. I sort of hemmed and hawed, because I see this blog as my main stomping ground. And to be honest, I kept thinking: seriously, what do I have to offer other teachers who read MiddleWeb that they can’t get elsewhere. It was one of those “I’m comfortable here, thank you very much” kind of thoughts.

Still … John eventually convinced me that my voice is valued and that I do have ideas worth sharing to a larger audience.

So I have taken the plunge with a blog in MiddleWeb called Working Draft that I will contribute to bimonthly, giving me a chance to share and hopefully, spark some conversations about what it means to be teaching literacy in this digital age. It won’t all be about technology, of course. You can read more about what my aims are in my first post that went live yesterday.

I am calling the blog “Working Draft” because I see teaching and learning as ideas always in motion, always under revision. I think that title captures my ideas for that space as much as “Kevin’s Meandering Mind” continues to capture my view of this space as a place to explore and think through writing and literacy.

I hope you can join me over at Working Draft from time to time.

Peace (in the draft),