Music: Rhythms and Rivers

I was tinkering around with loops yesterday and began to imagine a river as I was working on this piece. Thus, the title — Rhythms And Rivers — and the image, generated by Adobe Firefly AI.

Peace (and sound),

Poetry: Circumference and Radius

Circumference and Radius

This is another morning poem from a one-word prompt — “radius” — which had me sitting in quiet for a stretch, scratching my head about how to even begin. And then it took shape, so to speak.

Peace (and Math),

Poem: Road Riders

Road Riders

This poem was sparked by a one-word prompt (rider) this morning. I did some slight editing through the day.

Peace (and gravel),

Gathering Poems

House Stands, Still

As I periodically do, I am gathering some poems written in the mornings and mostly shared via Mastodon.

How Quaint, She WhispersIf Skin Is Space

Day, Delayed

Peace (and poems),

Daily Create: A Meander

Beatles Lyric, Illustrated

I submitted today’s DS106 Daily Create prompt (perusing Beatles lyrics via a Beatles ‘bot for art). It took me a bit to figure out which lyrics I wanted to use and then how to illustrate them. Given my blog’s title, this lyric seemed just right for me.

Peace (and song),

Generative AI Presentation 2: School Libraries and ELL Students

This summer, I have been doing a handful of workshops with educators on the topic of Generative AI. A few weeks ago, for example, I visited the Summer Institute for the Western Massachusetts Writing Project and facilitated a fascinating inquiry into the rise of AI in education.

This week, I worked with a group of school librarians, exploring what Generative AI is, some ways that school librarians might consider platforms like ChatGPT and Bard and others, and a focus on how to reach and support English Language Learners (a focus of the week-long professional development – led, in part, by my wife –  I was invited to present at).

I’ve been trying to open these sessions with impressions of educators, and in this case, I used Answer Garden (I was presenting remote) and, as in past sessions, the responses are interesting, running the gamut from alarm to interest.

School Librarians: Impressions of AI

View the basic presentation in full-screen mode.

Next week, I will be presenting to a similar group, also of school librarians, with a focus on the ethical considerations of AI, policies for schools and classrooms, and how AI could support students with learning disabilities (the focus of that week’s PD with librarians).

I am no expert in AI, by any means, but I am finding my deeper personal inquiry into these platforms is helpful for other educators, and I am enjoying the explorations of this new emerging world with others. And I am trying to work into these sessions opportunities for colleagues to play, explore, learn, and reflect — even if they don’t think they will be tapping into AI anytime soon (for a variety of reasons — privacy, access, age, etc), it’s important to have a basic grasp on what’s happening in the field of Artificial Intelligence — for our students surely have some knowledge, if not experience, themselves.

Peace (and presentations),