A Collection of Avatar Creators

Last week, we were talking about online identity and avatars, and my students are now working on creating a visual representation of themselves for our Glogster space. Here is the list of avatar creation sites that I shared with them (the Lego one was the most popular). Portrait Illustration Maker Picassohead Portait Creator Lego Mini-Mizer […]

Graphic Novel Review: Stickman Odyssey (books 1 and 2)

I wasn’t sure what to expect with The Stickman Odyssey, although I seem to remember a long time back seeing some of the frames by writer/illustrator Christopher Ford at his online site. I thought it would be yet another retelling of The Odyssey, which I can certainly live with but there often seems to be […]

The Art of Juggling Two Voices: Digital Is and Me

Last week, I had the pleasure of taking part in an ongoing collaborative Twitter adventure with my National Writing Project friends at the Digital Is site. A handful of us have signed up to take on the “digital is” handle (@NWPDigital_is) on Twitter for a week at a time, sharing resources and encouraging discussions through […]

Digital Writing Month: A Poem for My Multiple Voices

  I’ve been playing around with audio as part of Digital Writing Month, and wondering how I might be able to “layer” in multiple voice tracks for a poem about multiple aspects of personality. I ended up using Audacity, and tinkered with the pitch and effects setting to differentiate the layered voice — so that […]

Considering Stereotypes: The Gender/Digital Life Resource

My class is in the midst of creating a travel brochure for an imaginary world. The theme and idea could be just about anything, but the teaching has been around reading informational text (real travel brochures, the genre of information text) and then creating a fictional brochure with the same elements (plus, we tie it […]

A Skyping Adventure with Graphic Novelist Stephen McCranie

One of the items on my teaching/technology bucket list was to use Skype as way for my students to interact with published authors. But, for whatever reason, I had never gotten around to it. Luckily, graphic novelist Stephen McCranie reached out to me as part of my online network (via The Nerdy Book Club), and […]

Book Review: Program or Be Programmed

I guess I must be late to the discovery of Douglas Rushkoff. But, better late than never, right? I just finished his Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for the Digital Age and I have to say, it was just what I needed: a perfect balance of a message that I try to articulate (put […]

Creating a Video Game Design Portfolio

Here’s something I discovered in my role as “student” in the Gamestar Mechanic Summer Online Learning Program: users of the game design site can now create a “portfolio” of their work as game developers and that portfolio can become public. I like that idea. It’s a pretty simple format — brief introduction, with featured games […]

Curation and Our Digital Lives

I’m involved in an online inquiry over at P2PU around “Curating our Digital Lives” and we are just now exploring our conceptions of curation. The video is part of what is being shared to get us started as we think about how we collect, organize and share information in digital spaces. I am also adding […]

The Recursive Response System

An interesting thing happened yesterday. I posted an introduction to a P2PU study group that I am part of around digital curation. I used a webcomic to create my intro (see yesterday’s post). And then, my friend Terry, who is part of the study group, took my comic and used a screencapture program to respond […]