“Living Your Life in Hyperlink”

A few weeks ago (probably as he was compiling his web-famous Top Ten Lists), Larry suggested that I go through our Day in a Sentence archives and cull out some of the better sentences for an End of Year Review. That’s more difficult than it sounds. There were so many good sentences and who am […]

Richard Sterling at NWP: One Last Address

Richard Sterling, the executive director of the National Writing Project, is stepping down from his post as leader of this wonderful organization. Last week, in New York City, he gave his last public address to the more than 1,000 teachers attending the NWP annual meeting. I have only met him once, briefly, but I have […]

The Future of the Book: Sixth Graders

Towards the end of the year — as part of my digital book project — I had my sixth grade students take a final survey and one of my questions: What do you think books will look like in the future? Here are some of their answers: I think books in the future will have […]

Your Day in a Sentence

As promised, I jumped into the seat left warm by The Reflective Teacher to man his My Day in a Sentence feature. So here goes: First, I have my own sentence. “Emotions– from joy to sadness — came through in the voices of my students as they moved from written page to podcast on an […]

P.B. Kerr writes back (I think)

I had just finished reading aloud the third book in the Children of the Lamp series by PB Kerr (about two twin djinn children coming of age in a magical world of luck and mischief) called The Cobra King of Kathmandu when my two sons and I saw the web address for PB Kerr and […]

The Note Who Got Lost in the Masterpiece

Transforming Words on the Page to Characters on the Stage By Kevin Hodgson There’s a moment in my play where the main character – a little, confused musical note — discovers an exact replica of himself in the musical manuscript through which he is traveling. The other note is exactly like him, except there is […]

Reviewing Will’s Book

(Note: I wrote this book review for a graduate class semester — Kevin) Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classroom Will Richardson Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin Press. 2006. 139 pp. $27.95. ISBN 1-4129-2767-6 To deny the tidal wave to technology at the fingertips of students these days is to deny the reality […]

The Long Road to Chico

 THE LONG ROAD TO CHICO A Collaborative Story of Adventure and Chaos on the Way to Tech Matters 2006 I was lucky the rain had finally stopped. For two days now, with little relief, the water had poured from the sky on my head as mile after mile faded into painful memories. I was on […]