Creating with Clay: I give it a try

This afternoon, as my three year old watched and tried to stick his fingers in the mix, I created a build-it-from-a-blob claymation figure. This is the assignment I had given my students yesterday and I should have tried it myself first (one of my mantras). I could have used some more patience, too, but my […]

OnPoEvMo: Mannequin January 2007

This is my first poem of 2007 for my One Poem Every Month for a Year adventure and I guess it was inspired by my recent experimentation with StopMotion Animation and my use of a mannequin in a dancing movie. Mannequin (January 2007) Listen to the poem I am the mannequin Sinewy thoughts all aflow […]

My Kids, the movie producers

My two older sons (ages 8 and 6) were so enthralled with my StopMotion experiments with Thelonius and the short movies that I made that they pressured me to let them produced their own movies, too. And who am I to resist that kind of pressure? 🙂 First, they made a short film about a […]

Thelonius Transformed

Winter break is almost over and so I made one last StopMotion movie experiment with my character, Thelonius, in which he is transformed from strange-looking puppet into bizarre-looking clay figure (go figure). Along the way, I thought about some things to think about for using StopMotion in the classroom: Lighting is key. I need to […]

I Can’t Dance … But My Mannequin Can

This another entry into my stopmotion animation adventure — I bought this little stick figure with intentions to turn my Thelonius puppet into a clay figure (still working that out) and decided to get the little guy movin’ to an old song of mine called “Dance Hall Fool.” [googlevideo]7638438851574785362&hl=en[/googlevideo] Peace (through dance), Kevin