#NetNarr: Weaving Stories with Invisible Thread

Alan Levine has jumpstarted his wonderful Five Card Story activity — which uses Flickr images for inspiring a story — for the Networked Narratives. Here’s mine, called Even Dead Ends are Starting Points. She heard the sounds of the guitar, and the song came suddenly. Melody. Words. Harmony. She hurried out to meet the musician, […]

Making Soundscapes: The HearMyHome Project

I’m always intrigued by sound. Either with the emotional power of music — listening and writing — or with using soundscapes for telling stories. There’s something oddly cool with how we can use audio to capture our world. This past fall, I even did Sound Stories with my sixth graders. So I was interested in […]

The Snow Tells Stories: A Video of Vines

After sharing yesterday’s post about using Vine to make a multimedia poem about Vine, Terry suggested that maybe a collaboration with Vine might be something to consider. Yep. We jumped right on that, with each of us shooting our 6 second segments and then pulling them together into this video story: Director’s Notes Script: Terry […]

Six Second Stories (or What’s Your Moment?)

Over at the K12Online Conference, Ben Wilkoff quilted together a presention entirely constructed of 6-Second Vine videos, using the overall piece like a canvas effect to talk about how teachers can tell our stories — not just in the larger scope of education but also of the smaller moments in time. Check out Ben’s presentation, […]

Soundscape Story: From Sunrise to Sunset

I’ve been challenging myself to do something around the theme of “light” this week at the Making Learning Connected MOOC, using only audio to tell a story. I failed at it many times. It turns out that telling a story completely with sounds is pretty difficult, even with the experience I had doing this with […]

How to Use Memory Objects for Digital Stories

Yesterday, a visitor asked a bit about how I teach the Memory Objects/Narrative Writing/Digital Story assignment, and I am happy to walk through what we do. First, this writing is part of our unit around paragraph structure and paragraph writing. The emphasis for this particularly piece of writing is “narrative” and telling a story. I […]

Memory Objects, Narrative Writing and Digital Stories

My sixth graders are knee-deep in iMovie this week, as they use a piece of narrative paragraph writing as a script for a digital story. Their assignment is to find a tangible physical object that sparks strong memories for them, and then write about the object and the memories. Then, we move over into iMovie […]

Quickfiction: Sounds

I wrote this quickfiction piece after realizing that I might never buy another CD again. Sounds Listen to the story Remember when it was vinyl and the bookcases were so weighted down that they bent to the left? You worried so much about what would happen to the cats if it fell and crushed them. […]

#DigiLitSunday #IMMOOC: Using Voice for Revising Writing

“Read the sentence out loud. Speak it to your dog or cat. Or find a corner and read it to yourself. Your ear will hear if something is not quite right. Your eyes might miss it.” That was me, talking to my sixth grade students about some writing last week, duringĀ a vocabulary lesson. The lesson […]