Stealing/Borrowing/Remixing Music

I spent part of the other morning re-reading a comic book from Duke University that resonates with my own interests around music, composition and remix. Entitled Theft: A History of Music, the book explores copyright law and music composition through the ages. If that sounds boring, it isn’t. The book weaves in lots of humor […]

Remixing Ron: Coloring Our Imaginations

Ron Samul posted a terrific blog post for CLMOOC (Connected Learning MOOC) about how a writer sees art, and how the art might inform the writing and reading. I took parts of his post and used Lumen5 to create my own visual interpretation. The theme this week has been art and color, as you can […]

#DigiWriMo: Remixing Love and Hope

My musical/songwriting and Western Massachusetts Writing Project educator friend, Michael Silverstone, wrote and recorded and shared out a beautiful song about love last week called To Give Our Love. I paid for the download via BandCamp and then asked if he would allow me to remix his song. He said yes, although at the time, I […]

Remixing Hope from the Heart

There’s a new permanent sculpture on the front lawn of our county courthouse, right at the very heart of the downtown of my small Western Massachusetts city. Artist Greg Stone finished the piece in the days before passing away, and his piece — showing a young woman caring for a dove — is beautiful and powerful. […]

Reciprocation: The Fine Line Between Remixing and Plagiarism

flickr photo shared by mrkrndvs under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license While the whole hubbub over M. Trump’s speech using lines from a M. Obama speech unfolded, the CLMOOC has been involved in a week of “reciprocation with generosity” – of recognizing and honoring the writing and sharing of others, with intention. Many of […]

My Son’s Remix Project: Trump and Futurama

My youngest son (age 11) was watching an episode of Futurama a few weeks ago. In it, Richard Nixon (with his head in a jar) is talking to a crowd of people, about building a wall to keep space aliens out. A light when on in my son’s head. He remembered all the hoopla about […]

#2NextPrez: Remixing the Visual Message

This second Make Cycle of this summer’s Letters to the President 2.o project (which invites teachers to make and remix all summer) is focused on art and remix of visual messaging. They give some suggestions for how to dip into the waters, but I used a DS106 Daily Create idea from the other day (around […]

#2NextPrez Make Cycle: Remixing Campaign Posters with Thimble

The first teacher-centered Make Cycle for Letters to the Next President 2.0 is ongoing this week, and I have been dipping into some of the tools being suggested. One of the ways to create a message is to use Mozilla’s Thimble remix site. Thimble is a web-based platform for building websites and allowing for remix […]

Sonic Zeega Poetry Remix: Anna’s Soundscape

As part of the Hear My Home Project, we are being asked to do a Resonance Remix (or, a Sonic Remix — a great band name!) of someone else’s sound files. I chose my friend, Anna, who has been capturing the aural landscape of Philadelphia. I didn’t quite “remix” her files as add a few layers […]

Take One Sestina. Remix Liberally.

A group of friends in Rhizomatic Learning wrote a collaborative poem cycle with a Sestina format. I forgot to join in, but when they released the audio of their Sestinas and another friend, Autumm, did her own version, it seemed like a perfect time to do a remix of voices. So, I dove into Audacity […]