Writing (digital) Poems with Bud

I continue to enjoy the poetry adventures over at Bud the Teacher’s blog. Bud posts a picture, a few words and opens up his space for poems. I get up, wondering what I might write about today. I’ve been using Vocaroo to record as podcasts, and Bill has followed my lead. The other day, Kelly […]

Are we now People of the Screen?

I finished up the collection of articles in The Best Technology Writing of 2009 (a recommended book for those of you with gift cards in hand, wondering what to read) and Kevin Kelly has another fascinating take on technology and culture in an article entitled “Becoming Screen Literate.” His premise is that the Age of […]

When teachers make webcomics ….

Yesterday, as part of our school district’s Pioneer Valley Literacy Conference, I did a workshop session on using webcomics/comics/graphic novels across the curriculum areas. I focused on my students’ use of ToonDooSpaces –a  closed networking site centered around webcomics — and invited two of my students to present the first part of the workshop with […]

More Digital Is Conference Sharing

This is the keynote address by Danielle Nicole DeVoss that got us thinking and then moving yesterday at the National Writing Project’s Digital Is Conference. The Digital World is… Networked Collaborative Multimodal Re-Mediated Remixed Policed (Requires) Critical thinking (Can Be) Democratic Nwp Digital Is De Voss View more documents from devossda. Peace (in the sharing), […]

Creating a Class Biopoem Podcast with Myna

The other day, as my students were finishing up a Biopoem writing project, we worked together to pull pieces from their work and create a collective Biopoem Podcast that would represent everyone in the class. In the past, I have used my little handheld voice recorder to do this. This year, with my new Interactive […]

The Prospect of Participatory Culture

I was one of a handful of guests recently on the wonderful Teachers Teaching Teachers webcast, where the discussion centered on a white paper put out by The New Media Literacies Center at MIT. The paper, by Henry Jenkins, focuses in on the concept of how students can move forward, navigate and thrive in the […]

Bound by Law: Copyright Comic

This was an interesting find and very helpful. It came out of a discussion going on in a listserv that I am part of with the National Writing Project around fair use of material and the copyright law, which I find rather onerous (even as someone who writes and publishes in a variety of ways) […]

Seeing Your Days in Different Ways

I was interested in exploring some different ways of showcasing this week’s Days in a Sentence other than through the regular posting (which works fine, of course). Here are snapshots of all of our blogs as remixed in Animoto (with a song called “Days” by the group, Bears). Here is a Flickr Slideshow of our […]

Another vision of today’s students

Here is yet another intriguing video on why we should consider technology as integral to education: [kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/_A-ZVCjfWf8″ width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Notice the desire to create, remix and use technology to explore the world. Peace (in illumination), Kevin

Darfur Protest Song/Video

I wrote this song about the Darfur situation and I hope to bring the song into my classroom and have my students sing some back-up. Will it work? I have no idea but it could be pretty cool. I’m interested in having them think about how songwriting and music can be used as a platform […]