Chordiflora Harmoniosa

Today’s DS106 Daily Create prompt was to “be a plant” and so I thought, let me invent a musical plant that doesn’t exist. I used ChatGPT to help me think of some musical scientific names and then Adobe Firefly to create an image of a plant with a musical theme, and then Soundtrap to compose a short musical piece.

Peace (as you wander near me),

Lightning Thief Musical: Songs From The Show

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical | CarolinaTix

Last night, I had the pleasure to interview Rob Rokiki for the National Writing Project’s Write Time show. Rob wrote the music and lyrics to The Lightning Thief musical, and he shared insights into his writing process and creative thinking when balancing music, writing and story. When the NWP interview gets released, I’ll share it here but I also found the album of music he wrote from that show that had been released as an album.

I teach The Lightning Thief as a novel with my sixth graders, so this was a wonderful experience to talk to Rob. They were excited to hear about my opportunity to connect with the writer of the songs of the musical.

Peace (and song),

World Poetry Day: Finding A Poem

World Poetry Day: Poems From Edge of Extinction

For World Poetry Day, the daily prompt at DS106 Daily Create was to explore poetry of endangered languages. I went black-out with mine, using a collection and some text from the editor.

A simple idea:
collect poems
in endangered languages

Help document
how poetry

The conversations
and encounters
with poets from all
over the world

the edge of

The urgency
invention and
sheer range of poetry
on every continent

Peace (and poems),

AI Music: Another Step Forward

AI Generated Song

Since last year, I have been playing around and experimenting with the emergence of AI tools that create music (see earlier posts). Some of it has been interesting. Most have been pretty bland. As someone who makes music, but who keeps an open mind about technology, I’ve been trying to keep tabs on things (as best as one can do).

Suno, a new site to me but I guess it has been around for a few months, is quite different in the way that it integrates music, voice and lyrics in its AI production, and it quite a leap forward from the other sites I have tinkered with.

It works like a sort of a Chatbot — you write in a theme or topic and suggest a music style and it works to craft a short blurb of a song, with music and with vocals singing words generated by some sort of ChatGPT text. The quality here is much higher than other sites I have played with.

And the results, while still formulaic and a bit generic in sound, are interesting and show how songwriting and music production are the next wave of these AI tools. They may never supplant musicians and songwriters (he writes, hopeful) but they do demonstrate how making song tracks could become rather automated in the time ahead of us, either for commercial products or some other means.

Listen to a song I had Suno generate about our dog, Rayna, and her days snoozing on the couch.

Then listen to a song I had it create about Duke Rushmore, a fictional musician whose name is the name of my read rock and roll band.

Weird, right?

Peace (and song),

From Me To You: A Few Haiku

Dance The Light

I’ve been doing more than usual Haiku poems for my morning writing. Not sure if that’s because I am a bit lazy (small poems getting smaller) or feel inspired by the tiny containers of moments. Many of these are inspired by one-word prompts off Mastodon or haiku responses to my friend, Algot (who writes Sunday poems that I try to respond to with poems).

Crescent Moon Poems


Bird Bombadier

Night hour, gone

Fingers In The Soil

Peace (and poems),