Bringing Kids into the World of Stopmotion

It’s been a long but productive four days of co-teaching a Claymation/Stopmotion Movie Camp for middle school students. When I think about it, they accomplished quite a bit. All 16 of the students worked on small claymation clips, learned three to four new software programs and then created (mostly through collaboration with others) a longer […]

Stopmotion, the old fashioned way

I am going to have kids work on index card flipbooks tomorrow to create stopmotion the old-fashioned way. I gave it a try this afternoon. It’s difficult to video it! A Musical Acrobat: flipbook from Mr. Hodgson on Vimeo. Peace (in slow mo), Kevin

Making StopMotion, the easy way

Thanks to Matt, I found a great resource for Stop-Motion movie creation. Included in the site was a link to this video, which shows how you can use MovieMaker (part of the Windows operating system) to create stop-motion movies (with just a digital camera). Why am I sharing this? Well, George Mayo and I have […]

Happy Stopmotion Holidaze

In between some creative sessions in which my sons were creating stop-motion movies, I grabbed a moment to make my own holiday short. It’s called “All I Want is a Saxophone” and I grabbed an ornament off our Christmas tree for a prop. Happy Holidays to all of my readers and may you find peace […]

Making StopMotion Movies, part 4

This is my final reflection on the movie project that I did with my students recently, using stop-motion moviemaking to demonstrate a literary idea. Part one dealt with student reactions to the endeavor; Part two was how I implemented the project; and Part three was how I published the videos. This is about how I […]

Making Stopmotion Movies, part 2

This is the second post around making stopmotion movies with my sixth graders (see the first post) and I want to talk about how we actually did it. My hope is that one of your (dear readers) may want to replicate or build on the experience and so my path may help you along on […]

StopMotion Animation: Thelonius and the Saxophone

I am once again on the road of experimentation — this time with StopMotion Animation. Every year, I do a claymation movie project with my sixth graders but to call it “claymation” is not quite accurate. They take single digital photos, add narration, and use MovieMaker to edit and produce short movies (in collaboration with […]

Book Review: Big Tree

Whenever Brian Selznick puts out a new book, I am always an eager audience. Ever since The Invention of Hugo Cabret blew my mind when it came out, I have kept an eye on what he is doing. Not all of his books have landed as emotional for me as Hugo, but they are never […]

Imagination, Animation, and Education

We had a rich discussion yesterday at the Make with Me Hangout for Connected Learning MOOC (CLMOOC) on the issue of animation and gifs, exploring the notions of learning, explaining and pop culture integration with video loops. Since it was a Make with Me, I worked on shooting this short stopmotion piece in the midst […]