Slice of Life: Hearing Voices of the Past

(This is for the Slice of Life challenge for March, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. We are writing each day about the small moments in the larger perspective … or is that the larger perspective in the smaller moments? You write, too.) You ever have one of those strange moments when you hear a voice […]

The Wide Open Aural Landscapes of Chris Whitley

flickr photo shared by WilliamMarlow under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license Here, in the #Western106 open course, we are tackling into the idea of the Western narrative and genre. I am an East Coaster, so as the saying goes in the hashtag, Everything is West of Here. But I have traveled a little […]

Storyjumpers 2: Holding a Map Up to the Light

(This is part two of a Storyjumper activity for Digital Writing Month, where we are handing off stories to each other on blogs and writing the story forward. Bruno W. started us off with a personal narrative, and I am taking part of what he wrote and moving into a story. — Kevin) The paper […]

Digital Writing Month: Push Up Against the Edges

Check out this quote from a blog post by Michael Manderino at his blog, Pedagogical Consciousness: .. we should treat songs as texts and albums like literature … In this wonderful analytical post, Michael deconstructs the experience of listening to the band, Best Coast, and makes the case that the act of listening is akin […]

Reading about Writing about Writing about Reading

I remember the first book I encountered about a writer writing about writing. It was Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, and then I read Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, which led me to Pilgrim at Tinker’s Creek by Annie Dillard, and then onward into the world of authors unveiling the art of writing. […]

The Ownership of Sight Lines

We’re moving into a theme of “public space” in the Making Learning Connected MOOC and the invitation to create “stories and spaces” around the notion of the “public” had me thinking of a conversation I had with a neighbor about a new cell phone tower just outside our neighborhood. Peace (in what we see and […]

Which Modality? Making Music

@dogtrax out of all the modalities you use to articulate your thoughts,what's your fave? writing, graphics, music, songwriting? curious… — Yin Wah Kreher (@yinbk) June 6, 2015 Interesting question … and it feels like the 140 character limit on Twitter just won’t cut it. Or, it will cut it too short to respond with depth. […]

Digital Poetry: What Happened Here?

It’s quite likely I won’t do justice to my thinking but if we consider blogs as a space for reflective practice, then bear with me … I am going to try to think aloud as a writer about my latest project to take a place-based poem about walking to an isolated beach in Maine from […]

The Mouse Problem (A Mixed Media Story)

  I’ve been working, and struggling, to pull together this mixed media story for Digital Writing Month. The story is called The Mouse Problem. One struggle has been how to represent different parts of the story with different kinds of media. I did figure that out, using audio, flowcharts, video and other elements to tell […]