Poem: Listening In As The Black Hole Sings

This poem was inspired by an audio file released by NASA, capturing the sound of a black hole in the Perseus Galaxy Cluster. I found the sound fascinating and the poem just sort of emerged, and it felt right that the poem should be visual, with the NASA audio in the background.

Peace (in the deep),

Poetry: Whole Notes Linger

Whole Notes Linger

I’ve been writing poems, using daily single word prompts over at Mastodon. For this one, the word was “whole” and I often gravitate to music and writing as common themes across my writing.

Peace (listening in),

Book Review: Bibliophile (Diverse Spines)

Any book, about books, that introduces me to a wider possibility of stories and selections is always something I am interested in. Add art, and I’m hooked. For Bibliophile: Diverse Spines, Jamie Harper and Jane Mount gather and feature a breathtaking collection of books of all genres — fiction, non-fiction, poetry, picture books, etc. And as the subtitle suggests, the focus is on diverse stories and diverse authors and illustrators.

There were many books and writers I had not yet encountered, and I dogeared a few pages in my book, to go back to remind myself of the discoveries when I am needing something new to read. Even just flipping through this collection, it’s a joy to see a celebration of books and covers, with snippets of insights from Harper and Mount on every page.

And if you like this one, be sure to check out Jane Mount’s last collection, just entitled Bibliophile. Like this newest one, it is also a visual feast and celebration of books of all sorts.

Peace (in the spines),

CLMOOC Calendar Soundtrack: May (Rebirth of the Earth)

CLMOOC friends gathered and created artwork for a collective calendar for the 2022 year. Download it for free, if interested.  I composed a short piece of music for each month as my contribution, and I am sharing out each month’s track at the start of each month.

Here is May (Rebirth of the Earth)

Peace (listening in),

In the Margins: Crafting An Annotation Poem for VerseLove

Annotation Poem (from ee cummings)

Over at VerseLove, today’s prompt is about using annotation of texts to discover a Found Poem, and I decided to venture into an ee cummings poem. First, I randomly chose one of his poems, coming upon one about spring.

As I read, I annotated off to the side, thinking of words, lines, and theme. Then I noticed the poem spilled over to another page, which I didn’t have in front of me, which seems like an appropriate way to end my annotation, and craft a poem.

annotating ee cummings for poetry

I tinkered a bit with some of the words from my annotations, but mostly, I kept it intact, moving from an observation of a single word to discovering the last section of the poem is lost (to me, in the moment).

Peace (in the margins),