Connecting the “Make Movement” with Technical Writing

Check out this video documentary of some friends at the Prairie Lands Writing Project (in Missouri) as they use the concepts around the “Make Movement” (build it yourself) and technical writing to pursue connections to the curriculum (Common Core, in particular) around informational writing. Two years ago, I took part in a National Writing Project […]

My Nominations for the Edublog Awards 2011

Best individual blog: I have come to look forward to Audrey Watter’s Hack Education ( posts. They are long, and deep, and I often need to allocate more than a quick read. I appreciate that she doesn’t need to shorten or dumb down her ideas around education. While some of the focus seems to be […]

Google Honors Claymation with Doodle

It was nice to see that the Google page is dedicated to one of the pioneers of Claymation Stopmotion — Art Clokey. The Google Search site features the Gumby Google Doodle today, and if you do a little clicking around, you can discover who is hiding in the balls of clay and other odds and […]

From Jellycam to Jaycut: My Hat is Moving

I experimented a bit yesterday with using the Jellycam software (which runs off Adobe Air) to create a short stopmotion movie, which I then moved up into Jaycut for editing, and then used FreeplayMusic to get a soundtrack. The results were pretty decent. And fun to do. My Hat is Moving! Peace (in the frames), […]

Adios, Google Video, Adios

To be honest, I thought Google Video had long ago gone away and become part of YouTube, so I was surprised yesterday to get an email from Google, letting me know that “Later this month, hosted video content on Google Video will no longer be available for playback.” A few years ago, we could no […]

At the 4Cs: Our NWP Connections

On Friday, I will be in Atlanta for the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication (4cs) and I am presenting an early morning session with some fellow National Writing Project/Western Massachusetts Writing Project colleagues– Anne Herrington, our site director and a professor at the University of Massachusetts; Donna LeCourt, a member of our WMWP […]

Thinking: Mentor Texts and Digital Composition

My friend, Franki Sibberson, has me thinking about mentor texts and how they can be used in the classroom for digital composition with students. She has me thinking because we are part of a group trying to pull together a proposal for the NCTE Conference in November, with a focus on elementary levels. And since […]

How to Fold a Paper for a Folding Story

Given the response on my post the other day around doing a paper version of a Folding Story collaboration with my students, I figured it might make sense to do a little video tutorial of me, folding the paper. It’s not that difficult, really, but I’ve been reflecting recently on the use of video tutorials. […]

NWP Makes Gets a Plug

Dale Doughtery, of Make Magazine, wrote a nice piece about the National Writing Project’s Make session that took place at the NWP Annual Meeting. I was one of the presenters, doing a bit on stopmotion animation. The session represented an ongoing relationship between NWP and Make Magazine around informational, expository writing. As Dale writes: When […]