Leadership Day 2010: A Webcomic Message


Scott McLeod, whose blog Dangerously Irrelevant is a must have for your RSS for his thoughtful views, is launching the fourth annual Leadership Day, in which he urges educational bloggers to craft a message for school administrators about the impact of technology on learning.

As Scott writes:

“Administrators’ lack of knowledge is not entirely their fault. Most of them didn’t grow up with these technologies. Many are not using digital tools on a regular basis. Few have received training from their employers or their university preparation programs on how to use, think about, or be a leader regarding digital technologies.

So… let’s help them out.”

This year, I decided to create a comic — just to go a different route. I hope you consider adding your own two or three thoughts into the mix. If so, be sure to go to Scott’s blog post and add the hashtag #leadershipday10 to your tag and also fill out Scott’s form where he keeps track of things.

Leadership Day 2010 Comic

(a larger version of the photo is here)
Peace (in the sharing of ideas),