A PhotoFriday Picture Story

Allanah showed me this site — called Capzles — that seemed intriguing, so I grabbed all of my submissions to the PhotoFriday Flickr group and made this little show, with some original music of mine.

I think the site is pretty nifty. And it was incredibly easy to use — I uploaded, created and embedded this whole thing in a short amount of time.

(You can also view the show directly with this link. I noticed that the nice background I created in Capzles is missing in the embed widget, so it is worth the visit, I think)

Peace (in slides),

If it’s Friday, it’s Photo Friday

Here are the two images I added to the Photo Friday project this week:

This is a collection of student-created temples in honor of Greek gods and goddesses. We are reading The Lightning Thief, which is rich in mythology. These were created with air-dry clay, which crumbles but is effective for ancient ruins.

And this is a picture of the darn bird that has eaten all of the corn that we hung on our door. It makes a racket as it pecks away.

Peace (in images),

Comics and Bears for PhotoFriday

It’s time for PhotoFriday (the collective Flickr photo sharing group started up by Bonnie) and I am sharing out two photos this week.

The first photo is related to my Slice of Life story the other day, as I captures a bear going through my trash:

The second one is another installment of my new comic series called Outerworld Web. (You can also catch up on the series at my new Google Sites home of the comic):

Peace (in pictures),

Photo Fridays

I had come home late, with the house very dark, and in the morning, as I awoke before everyone else, I stumbled upon this scene on the floor of our sun room. The boys must have had some elaborate imaginary activity going on, and the lego people were all standing, alert, and ready for action. I felt a bit like King Kong coming into New York.

This my week’s entry into the Photo Fridays project.

Peace (with little people),