Year in a Sentence, plus a new Theme Song!

So now it is 2009. Welcome to the new year, everyone.

This week’s Day in a Sentence is being transformed into Year in a Sentence. As always, I hope the barriers are low but the depth of reflection, high. I would like you to think about the year that just went by (flew by?) and try to narrow down some element or elements of your year into a single, reflective sentence.

Then, use the comment link on this post to submit your comment. I will gather them all up (including my own, which I have not yet written) and publish them early next week. I may extend the gathering of sentences a bit longer than usual, knowing that folks may be away or busy.

To help inspire you, I crafted a new Day in a Sentence Theme Song. Actually, it a mash-up of a song I wrote and recorded with an old band (you can hear me on sax and keyboards on the track). I’ll pull this theme song out now and then.

Dance to the Day in a Sentence Theme Song

And, this week, I was tinkering with a text-to-movie site called Xtranormal, which is kind of interesting, and I made this little video as another way to put the call out for Year in a Sentence sentences. I do hope you find time to join us. You are invited!

Peace (to all of you)