Today’s Poem: Heavenly Body

Bud Hunt had a neat picture of planets this morning, as he encourages us all month to write poems every day. His image sparked this poem from me this morning.

Heavenly Body

You’ve been outside my orbit for years now –
a floating, beautiful body in deep space.
I have been so centered around the Sun
that I barely noticed you
until little bits
– words like meteors crashing into my atmosphere –
made me wonder what it is I have been missing,
out here, in my own system of heavenly bodies
too far away to touch.

If this poem is to become a telescope,
my eyes are now fixated on the ways our gravities intersect,
and I feel your pull more than ever.
I stretch my fingers until the breaking point
only to see you fade behind the shadows
of the moon,
so I wait … wondering …. worrying …
writing so that I may never forget
what you look like.

You can listen to the poem as a podcast, too.


Peace (in the poems),



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