Poem: Skating In The Remembering

Twelve Sparkling Lights
Twelve Sparkling Lights flickr photo by Sushanta – paper, scissors, void shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

This morning’s prompt at OpenWrite was about “reflection and projection” but I found myself caught up in the classroom move I am making (for the first time, in many years), and the packing up of everything now.

Boxes, packed
with papers,
books, pens,
notes, plans

In August,
I hope to better
understand where
things have gone

For now, I’m on
the surface of
the mirror,
skating in the

Not yet
imagining the space
taking shape
only in my mind,
for some future time

Peace (in reflections),

Open Write: June

Why Not Kinder?

It’s the first few days of the five days of poetry prompts at Open Write. Here are my two poems.

The first (above) is a found poem from a graduation speech by author George Saunders, with the poem set against image by NASA.

The second (below) is a “duplex poem” where lines riff of each other.

And then the third (far below) is a poem inspired June Jordan’s “These Poems.”

In The Moment When Music Is MadeThese Poems

Peace (and explorations),

Jazz Doc: Buster Williams

I went with some friends to a screening of a jazz music documentary on legendary Buster Williams (who played with many jazz greats) and it was a wonderful movie.  It’s called Buster Williams: From Bass To Infinity.The director was there, explaining his approach and answering questions.

Williams comes across as a such a thoughtful, kind man, and musician. There were some animation sequences over his voice, telling his stories of early gigs with Sonny Stitt and Gene Ammons that were quite interesting, too.

Peace (and sound),

Assorted Poems

Savor The Soft Wind

I’ve been writing my morning poems with regularity. Quality, depends. Here are a few of those poems.

Spin Wildly

Mosquito Song

In Tidal Waters

Tree Grove Silence

Night Descends Slowly

Peace (and poems),

Deepening Connections: Teacher Ranger Teacher Program

The National Parks Service

Although I have been connected through my work with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project to the Springfield Armory National Historic Site (through facilitation of youth writing camps, professional development for educators, the Write Out initiative each October , and more), this summer I am going to be getting a little deeper into the workings of this Western Massachusetts National Park site.

I was selected to take part in the NPS Teacher Ranger Teacher program, which is an intensive summer of work exploring place-based learning and spending time at the Springfield Armory to learn more about the myriad of aspects that go into a place with deep historical roots to our country (as its first federal arsenal). There will also be a project that I will be developing for the site.

Part of the work is a graduate level course through the University of Colorado: Denver and I am looking forward to the place-based and park-based activities.

Learn more about the TRT program.

Peace (and learning),