CLMOOC Collaborative Calendar: Welcoming 2023 With Art

In what has become a beautiful tradition of sorts, the CLMOOC community has come together again to create a calendar of original art and design for the coming year. With Wendy T overseeing the effort, the new calendar is ready and available in a few different formats, including free downloadable PDF or as a web-based Google Slideshow or as a video (see above).

More information about contributors, etc, is available at the CLMOOC website.

As always, I appreciate the global reach of CLMOOC (many contributors are from many different countries) and the way that making art and collaboration is a thread that binds us together, even after many years. The calendar project is a way to stay connected throughout the year.

Peace (and Hope Ahead),

A Year of Images: Silent Sundays in 2022

Each Sunday, I try to share out a Silent Sunday image with CLMOOC friends and beyond (and now on Mastodon, Silent Sunday is a HUGE event, with images from all over the world flowing through the #silentsunday hashtag).

The Silent Sunday concept, which was introduced to me by my NWP/CLMOOC friend Kim D, is to share an image with little or no context (other than the alt-text for screen readers) and let the photograph or art have a quiet moment in an otherwise noisy social media stream.

I gathered up each image of mine from each Sunday in 2022 and made a collection that I hope you find interesting.

Peace (and Quiet),

CLMOOC Calendar: December Soundtrack

CLMOOC friends gathered and created artwork for a collective calendar for the 2022 year nearly a year ago now. Download it for free, if interested.  I composed a short piece of music for each month as my contribution, and I am sharing out each month’s track at the start of each month.

In my last composition for the calendar project, I spliced in a sax solo from a holiday song that my friend, John, and I wrote and recorded in the studio.

Here is December:Gifts of Peace

Peace (listening in),