NCTE: Digital Literacies, Defined

I was intrigued by the lengthy explorations of Digital Literacies by NCTE, in an update some time back on how it defines the concept.

There is a lot to dig into with the published definition, expanding the notions of what literacies are and how interconnected it is with so many other elements (social, contextual, access, etc.).

As a bit of curation for my own benefit, I went through and dug out passages that resonated with my personal thinking on the topic.

(Note: This was stuck in my draft bin for quite a bit of time but it still has resonance for me)

Peace (in explorations of the digital),

Curating More Flipboard Magazines: Digital Stories and Making Learning Happen

I’m enjoying the curation of some Flipboard Magazines (as I wrote about the other day) and I have since added two more along lines of my own interest.

  • Making Learning Happen: a collection of articles related to the Make Movement and Connected Learning.
  • Digital Stories: a collection of pieces about digital storytelling, transmedia and how technology is transforming the way we tell stories. I am curating this with my friend, Bonnie.

And the other two magazines I already shared out about:

If any of those are of interest, feel free to subscribe.

Peace (in the flip),