Slice of Life, the weekly series, Chapter 7

(This is part of a weekly feature called Slice of Life Project)

Both Larry and Nancy tagged me to be part of this Meme that seeks to get a little deeper into who we are as people (yep, I am not a blogger-‘bot … yet). And I was thinking how much that is part of the Slice of Life adventures, too.

So here, goes:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

Ten years ago, I was ending a ten-year stint as a newspaper reporter, going back to school to become a teacher and beginning a two-year journey as a stay-at-home dad (which I loved).

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (really, yesterday):

  • Go to post office to mail off present for niece (already late)
  • Go to Staples and makes some copies (hear strange SNL voice in my head)
  • Read with son, who is home sick today (and I am home with him)
  • Work on getting ready for Tech Across the Curriculum workshop on Saturday (crap — it’s right around the corner)
  • Remember to get other kids from school (very important!)

3. Snacks I enjoy…

Bananas, apples, yogurt, cookies.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Fund an innovative school for inner-city kids; buy a new guitar; build a recording studio; become a professional writer.

5. Three of my bad habits:

Act too quick on impulse; am better at writing mind then voicing my mind on emotional issues; and sort of messy at times.

6. 5 places I have lived:

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Georgia (in military)
  • my mind

7. 5 jobs I have had:

  • Third shift gas attendant
  • Handyboy for dentist (and he had me shovel coal, if you can believe it)
  • Newspaper reporter
  • Sax player in Portuguese wedding band (when I was a teen and not for long)
  • Teacher

8. 6 people I want to know more about:

Bruce Springsteen (and his songwriting process)
Sonny Rollins (and his saxophone ideas)
Barack Obama (is he for real?)
ee cummings (for his style of poetry)
Frank Lloyd Wright (for imagining something altogether different)
Georgia O’Keefe (because my mom was fascinated and I wonder why)

I will offer to pass this along, and like Larry, say that you can pursue it or not, depending on your time and energy and interest.

Peace (in bios),

  1. I wrote my response to my meme. Where did they come from anyway?
    I love your list of people you’d like to know more about. I’m with your mom, I almost got to own one of her drawings but at the time the idea of paying out $500 made me hesitate, Seems crazy now, but what can I say I was 24 at the time.

  2. This is the first time I’ve ever been tagged for one of these, and seeing as how I could not come up with a Slice of Life for today, I WILL take up your challenge!

  3. I like your six people you’d like to know more about. Who would mine be? I’ll have to think about that. I feel as if you’ve given us a whole lot of slices for the price of one here!

  4. Looks like we could joint forces if we were billionaire.

    I studied in an inner-city primary school, and it was quite hard to adjust when I went to the “big”, more sophisticated school. Kids seemed more advenaced than me..of course they were …they had been exposed to other, more updated learning experiences.
    It is a bad that the problem still remains today. It makes me sad! ;-(

    I have this dream to take a creative writing course. Not that I think I would ever become a writer – I don’t think I have the talent – but all the same this is one of the thousand of plans I have for my retirement ….

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