When Siblings Provide the Mentor Text: Stopmotion Movies


My older son is working on a stopmotion movie for his eighth grade science class around the thought experiment of Schrodinger’s Cat (is the cat alive or dead, or both states at the same time?). The stopmotion element is part of a larger video project that he and his friends are working on for their investigation. But all of the equipment is set up: the camcorder, the computer, the background paper.

During a lull in our vacation this week, the seven-year-old brother asked if he could make his own stopmotion movie. He’s done it before, so I said, sure. He proceeded, with a little help, to make the following movie:

What is interesting is that he revisited some characters — The Pea Detectives — that were invented by his older brother years ago (first as a comic and then as stopmotion movies), and used the echoes of some old stories that he remembered for his movie. Here is part of his brother’s Pea Detective movies:

It reminded me of the power of siblings, and how often the experiences of our brothers and sisters shape our own ideas around the world. I’m not trying to get him to branch out a bit. His next movie, which he again did almost entirely by himself, left the Peas behind, but he is still clinging to the idea of “treasure” as the hook of all of his movie stories.

Peace (in the frames),

  1. That is so awesome! Siblings have such a funny relationship. My boys spent half the morning yelling at each other. Then one (in second grade) commented that he wants to start violin this summer. The other (in fourth, and playing for two years now) promptly pulled out his violin and began to show him a few things. Crazy children.

  2. Kevin,
    I think it’s awesome that one inspires the other…my kiddos, 7 and almost 1.5 aren’t quite there yet, but I am sure at some point they will-they enjoy each other’s company!
    How do you make the stop motion movies? I know my son would like this, he has already been using his iPod to shoot videos of things he does and likes…
    I also looked at the story bird-do they work on the iPad?

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