#Nerdlution Update: And the word is …

I haven’t been writing and blogging about it much but I continue to invent and publish a new word for my #Nerdlution effort to create a fake dictionary of made-up words. I’ve been using an app called Notegraphy for publishing because of its design elements, and I find my mind wandering in quiet times to new words. So far, so good. Today word — H — is named after my own name. The tricky part has been finding a balance between humor and insight.

This video collects the words from A through today’s letter of H so far ….

Peace (in invention),

  1. Love it. Been following along in the shadows, but my initial thought was “what a great idea!” I like spinning fake words off of real ones, and this project takes it further. What happens after 26 for the other 24?

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