Invented Words: Student Sampler

Invented Words 2014
(I love this word cloud)
Although I continue to invent and publish a new word every day for the #Nerdlution (round 2), that initiative was inspired by my students’ work around invented language (as part of our study of the origins of the English Language). The other day, they used our wiki site to begin adding a word of their own (and a podcast of their word) to a 9-year project to create an online dictionary of invented words. I’ll share that out some other day. For now, check out this prezi with a few words and I have embedded the podcasts of their voices right into the prezi (just click the play button).


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  1. I have a colletion of invented spellings I collected back when I taught eighth grade many moons ago. I will try to find it. I have been wanting to have a long term project on learning how to do kinetic typography and that might be just the ticket. Thanks for the inspiration.

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