Writing The Night Sky: Vela

Constellation Vela

I am the daily host over at VerseLove for today’s prompt, which is called Writing The Night Sky, and invites you to use constellations of stars as an inspiration for a poem of space and wonder.

Come join us.

Here is mine:

SQ2 30°N – 90°S

Your sisters of Heavenly Waters
await your return for an eternity
but solar winds fill your form,
and you remain mystery

Your children are seven,
a brood of starlings telling stories
of the Argo, the cargo of which
has long since been lost into myth

Your sphere of influence
envelopes the empty silence;
the Pencil, the Gum,
the Southern Ring sings inside you

Yet still, you dance and flutter, Vela,
a translucent sail in the night,
reminding us of flight,
a sky compass of remembering

More about Vela: https://www.constellation-guide.com/constellation-list/vela-constellation/

Peace (with deep space),

CLMOOC Silent Sunday(s)

Silent Sunday

Here are two Silent Sundays — both with a book theme. The first is from a mystery/detective story display inside a book store, and the other is a window display from another book store. My wife and I were away for the week so I posted the first from my phone, and am now catching up.

Silent Sunday

Peace (in pages),

NWP Radio: My Interview With Rob Rokicki

I had the privilege of interviewing Rob Rokicki for the National Writing Project’s Write Time Radio show. Rob is a musician and composer, who wrote the music and lyrics for a Broadway version of The Lightning Thief. We chatted about his work and how he composes, and the idea of story narrative in connection to music.

Peace (talking it out),

Living In A Tilted World: A Fake Song From A Fake Band

Wrecked Cottage Song

This morning’s prompt at DS106 Daily Create had to do with using an old Public Domain image of a bunch of men standing on the deck of an old, tilting house, and to imagine them as a band releasing a song. I used Canva to design their “single” track, which I called Living In A Tilted World.

I decided to go a step further, using the Suno AI Music site to create a fake song to go along with the fake band. I tried Suno out a few weeks ago and in that short time, I think it has gotten better with a new version of its algorithms (which is both fascinating and alarming, as a creative person worried about the intrusion of AI in our spaces).

I instructed Suno to produce:

an old sea shanty with the title of “living in a tilted world” about a house tilting into the ocean

Take a listen to the Suno single: Tilting Tides.

Catchy, right?

Peace (in the great fake out),