Making Music: Falling off Stage

This is another in my series of ToonDoo comics about my life in music. In this case, I was doing a solo for a concert and sat down wrong, tumbling off the stage. BUT, I saved my saxophone. I gave up my body to save the sax!

And is my ever-growing ebook collection of the Making Music comic series:

Peace (off the stage),

Making Music: My First Gig

It’s Monday, so I am continuing to share out my evolving webcomic series about my life in music, as told through ToonDoo. This comic centers on the first time I played solo in front of an audience and the likely perceptions that were at play.

And here is the ongoing ebook collection:

Peace (in the notes),

Making Monday Music

Here is another installment of my series of webcomics about my life in music. In this one, I remember the excitement of getting my first saxophone. It was something that set me off on a lifetime of music, really, and although I don’t have that saxophone anymore, I still carry it with me in my heart.

And here is the ebook I am creating for this series of comics:

Peace (in reflection),

It’s Just Another Music Monday …

Today, I offer up my second installment of my new Webcomic series about my life in music called Making Music, using ToonDoo as my composition site. I made some changes this week, as I started to use ToonDoo’s Traitr program to create my own comic version of myself, instead of using one of the prefab characters. It was fun but tricky to try to try to mirror myself as a comic character, particularly as the character needs to get older as the comic strips develop. The art element of comics has always been my weakest link (ie, see Boolean Squared).

And here is the Making Music book itself:

Anyway, here is this week’s Making Music comic. If you are looking at this in your RSS reader (hey, there!), then you most likely can’t see the comic, so here is a link to this week’s comic, entitled “Six Strings” in which my mom tried her hand at guitar. And here is a link to a ToonDoo book that I am creating with the comics.

Peace (on the funny pages),

Making Music: A New Webcomic Adventure

With Boolean Squared winding down for the year (the comic will end temporarily next week, but I will reflect more on that project on another day), I have been interested in creating a series of comics about my life in music (so far).
So, I am turning to ToonDoo to create a series of comics and see how it goes. I’ll be putting the comics in a ToonDoo ebook as I go along. I hope you enjoy them. I’ll be posting the comics — called Making Music — on Mondays, to keep the alliterative theme going.

Peace (in comics),