Comic Interpretation: Step Up and Take Action

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My friend across many social spaces, Daniel Bassill of Tutor/Mentor Connections, put out a request recently, asking if anyone might be interested in making a comic version of any of his many resources at his site, which encourages partnerships to improve the lives of urban youths.

How could I not give it a try? I read and took notes from a resource entitled “The Role of Leaders” and made my own version.

A PDF of the comic is available, if interested.

Step Up Take Action Comic

Peace (interpreted and amplified),

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  1. Kevin I’m honored that you took the time to look at my PDF then think of a way to communicate the ideas in a comic strip, then on your blog and Twitter. I’m further honored by how Terry, Wendy and others have added their own comments and encouragement.

    I embedded a graphic from your cartoon and a link to this site in article at

    I hope many others are inspired by your effort and take the time to do the same, not just once, but on a regular, on-going basis, and with the same purpose in mind.

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